Monday, February 16, 2015

On Safari With Karen 13 February 2015

13 February 2015

Another early morning to go on safari today, and once again we were rewarded with some lekker sightings. Our highlights of today are both elephant sightings. The first one was a large bull elephant that apparently fancied some marulas. He walked around the marula tree but found none. So he decided to help nature a little and put his massive head against the tree and gave a couple of short pushes. Then some marulas fell off the tree and he hurried over to pick them up. As it weren't many, he then walked off to the next marula. Very resourceful!

Our second highlight was an elephant herd. They were close to the road, so we had a good look at them. The best "aaahhww" moment was when a little baby ran up to its mama to have a drink. The milk was dribbling a bit around his mouth too! After he got his fill he bounced around like a little bunny as if he was trying to make a milkshake in his belly. It was a great joy watching him. However, when his mum walked off, he followed suit.

Other interesting sightings: giraffes, many families of baboons, other baboons that had been viciously fighting as they were bloody and pieces of skin on their face hang loose, hippos, including one out of the water crossing the road, buffalos, zebras, wildebeest, a leopard tortoise, white rhinos, more elephants, impalas and a duiker.

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