Monday, February 9, 2015

On Safari With Curtis: 6 February 2015

6 February 2015

This morning was an early start from camp and a quiet start before we started to rack up the sightings.

A herd of giraffe was a highlight of the day as we came across three of them, a female and two males who were busy fighting with each other. Maybe trying to show their prowess to the female the two males carried on their funny display of swinging necks just a bit too long enough as the female decided to walk off leaving the boys to it.

Our second highlight was a lion sighting. Initially on arrival there was not much to look at. Four lions sat hidden twenty meters in the bush and although we waited they didn't move much. We decided to leave them and go for some breakfast with the plan of returning afterwards.

This plan worked as on our return we found one of the lions just three meters from the road having a hard time getting a meal out of a leopard tortoise it had caught.
As we waited and listened to the crunching of shell the others all moved closer to the road giving us a great look at them.

Other animals seen included kudu, baboons, vervet monkey, bushbuck, elephants, leopard, more lionesses, warthog, giant land snail, buffalo and a young cobra.

Birds included crested francolins, swansons spurfowl, cape glossy starling, lilac breastfed roller, tawny eagle and blacksmith lapwings.

Tonight it's the night drive so will tell all tomorrow.,

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