Thursday, February 19, 2015

On Safari With Curtis 18 February 2015

18 February 2015

So the start of a new tour and after entering at Phabeni gate, in very hot conditions, we found plenty of general game such as impala, zebra, buffalo, warthog, waterbuck and giraffe.

The highlight of the drive was at the watering hole as we found a family of elephants at the waters edge. There were nine ellies in this group and while the adults drank the youngsters were too busy playing in the mud. Also at the dam were the hippos but surprisingly two were out of the water grazing in the heat of the day. Then three more left water and joined the first two.

Also impala and waterbirds were around the waters edge making it an action packed sighting.

Later in the afternoon the guests had an sunset drive, with the sun on full power today they got to see enjoy an amazing sunset as well as viewing plenty of animals, the highlight being loads of elephants close to the car.

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