Monday, January 26, 2015

On safari With Karen: 25 January 2015

25 January 2015 

As it was our last day of our safari we once again set of early. However, compared to yesterday it was a rather quiet morning. Our first highlight was a waterbuck. Even though the animals were scared this morning, we still managed to find something new. 

After breakfast we set of slowly towards the gate, when we ran into a herd of elephants. Their baby was smaller than the tall grass so we only noticed it when they walked out in the road in front of us. One of the elephants must have been in heat as they were closely followed by a large bull in must. He kept an eye on his herd and when they moved so did he. But when we moved he thought we wanted to take a chance with his girls. He let us know he was the right bull for them and we had to firmly tell him that we were humans with no interest in his ladies so he should leave us in peace. Twice! But then it finally dawned on him. Or the ladies had moved away again and he needed to keep close to them. So with one eye on us and one on the girls, he moved away and the road was once again clear for us to continue.

Other animals seen: elephant bull, black-bellied bustard, lilac-breasted roller, buffalos, tree squirrels eating marula nuts, giraffes, impalas, a warthog, red-collared widowbirds, pintailed whydah, a slender mongoose and kudus.

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