Monday, January 26, 2015

On safari With Karen: 24 January 2015

24 January 2015 

Today we went on a full day safari when our first highlight was a stand off between a large pack of wild dogs and some adult hyenas. It was close to the hyena den and the youngsters were hiding. By the looks of it the wild dogs just stumbled on the hyenas when they were looking for prey. The show was amazing as the hyenas were vocalizing all sounds and the wild dogs were actually chasing one hyena across the road with the tail between the legs. Even better was that it all happened in front of us! It only ended when the wild dogs' alpha returned and moved the pack away. The hyenas were then all greeting and congratulating each other before dispersing again.

Our second highlight of today was a family of vervet monkeys that was playing around. The youngsters, still blackish, had found a branch that was perfect for jumping on and then it would bend double because of their weight but springy enough to stand up straight for the next one to jump on. And they kept on jumping and jumping. Sometimes missing the branch ***giggle*** or fall off ***snigger*** or got caught by a flying monkey that jumped straight after ***lol***. It was so much fun that even the older ones engaged in the play and soon the whole family was rolling around, pushing each other off a fallen branch and two were even shadow boxing! We had so much fun watching them we didn't mind at all we were late for breakfast grin emoticon.

Other animals seen: multiple white rhinos, a second pack of wild dogs, only two impalas before breakfast (but the rest of the day made up for them), giraffes, lions crossing the road, kudus, bushbucks, a leopard snoozing, steenboks, a herd of elephants, buffalo mud wallowing, crocodile, hippos, a chameleon pretending to be a leaf, warthogs, common grey duiker, a black mamba having a stand-off with dwarf mongoose, and hyena pups.

The birds list includes carmine and white-fronted bee eaters, European rollers, southern masked weavers, african jacanas, black storks, bateleurs, white-faced ducks, white-backed and hooded vultures, white storks, Dideric's cuckoo, jacobin cuckoo, red-collared widowbird and guineafowls.

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