Friday, December 12, 2014

On Safari With Curtis and Karen 5 December 2014

5 December 2014

This morning we left camp early and immediately came upon a herd of waterbuck which were crossing the road in front. Watching this, as well as us, was a dwarf mongoose perched up on the top of a termite mound. Along numbi tar lots of general game such as kudu, giraffe and zebra. We then got a brief look at a male baboon sitting on the road before he disappeared into the grass. We had a scout around to see if there was a family group about but it looked like he was all alone.

Turning onto Napi we found a nice herd of impala complete with a few youngsters. This herd was acting very nervous and skittish, first looking this way and then that way with the occasional alarm call going up. As much as we looked we could not find anything that might be worrying them.

Further along our first elephant, this one in the distance but when we moved down to shithave dam we found another one having a drink, also at the dam the resident hippo, a herd of waterbuck turned up and a grey heron and egyptian geese were also present. We then carried on along napi finding a herd of buffalo which were being well hidden by the dense scrub. Luckily for us, after taking a turn around the boulders, we headed back the same way and found the buffalos again but this time they had moved much closer to the road. In fact plenty of them were standing on the road so we had a bit of a road block. We also got a lovely elephant sighting, initially two but one walked off but the second was happy to hang around just a few meters off the road right next to the road. So relaxed that he even took a bit of a nap in the shade of a marula tree and with trunk resting on one of his tusks.

We then popped into Pk for a coffee and a bit of shopping before hitting the road again.

Back on Napi we found a leopard sat up in a tree before he jumped down and disappeared into the bush. Then down to shithave we found southern ground hornbill and then the last few stragglers of the buffalo herd crossing the road. The herd we had seen earlier. We also spotted the lovely lilac-breasted roller as well as a black-bellied bustard. We also saw a male warthog and a male waterbuck before getting to Transport dam.

Here we saw the resident hippo, egyptian geese, fish eagle, jacanas and lapwings as well as impala.

As we left transport dam turning back onto Nhapi we found more zebra before I noticed something walking in the road, as we got closer the tell tale sign emerged and we recognized it as a leopard. He had moved a little out of sight as he looked around the area but then he started to move giving us to the chance to park the car strategically to get a nice clear view. We followed him for a couple of minutes before he moved away into the bush.

We then stopped at skukuza for lunch before heading back to the lodge via doispane and Albasini. The afternoon was full of elephant sightings nearly all male though we did see a small female herd in the distance who were being kept company by a couple of zebra and wildebeest. As well as plenty more impala, some bull kudus with their impressive spiraled horns and a common reedbuck and common duiker. We also found another leopard. Too start it was a bit difficult to locate this one but then it started to move out into the open and sadly away from us. Although this leopard was not as good as a sighting as before it is still an enjoyable experience seeing this beautiful cat again.

More coming soon!!

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