Tuesday, November 4, 2014

On safari With Robbie From 23 October 2014

23 October 2014

Beginning our Safari at Pretoriouskop we had brilliant sightings of general game  (Zebra, Impala, Giraffe, Kudu and Waterbuck). We then proceeded onto camp where we enjoyed a relaxing evening.

24 October 2014

An early morning start this morning saw us heading on the long journey North up to Lataba. On route we came across superb sightings of rhino, elephant with calves, buffalo, 2 prides of lion and again brilliant general game.

25 October 2014

Today we went further North, destination the camp of Shingwedzi. (If anyone did, I thoroughly enjoyed being up this part of the world).

The drive was rather quiet but we did have some excellent sightings of elephant, buffalo as well as zebra and giraffe. We also came across a great sighting of a herd of 8 Tsessebe. Guests then proceeded on their night drive.

26 October 2014

Today’s morning drive was excellent for birding where 16 new sightings were added to our list including the trumpeter hornbill and the stunning African openbill.

In the afternoon taking the river back loop we had some magnificent elephant sightings including 3 different large herds coming down to drink in front of us as well as 5 magnificent tusker bulls posing superbly for photos in excellent light. Buffalo herds over 300 where in abundance as well quenching their thirst. After all this is what the North is all about.

27 October 2014

Today was surprisingly quiet around Satara, although we did manage to enjoy sightings of ostrich, Kori Bustards and secretary birds.

We got a beautiful male lion 40m off the road as well as general game sightings.

We than returned to camp for the evening ready for the next day.

28 October 2014

Today we saw brilliant general game and were treated to a black and white rhino sighting in one day which is extremely rare! At the black rhino sighting we managed to see this animal in its full might as we enjoyed the sighting from just 2m away.

Other sighting for the day include many elephants mud bathing and drinking as well as a brilliant raptor sighting of a nesting tawny eagle.

We then proceeded onto camp for the night where a rare nocturnal visitor the honey badger was patrolling around our bungalows.

29 October 2014 

Today in my opinion we had one of the best lion sightings of the year as we came across 6 male lions on a buffalo kill with us being the first vehicle there and not a blade of grass between us and the kill! The lions ate for an hour or so then proceeded to rest under a tree close by.

The rest of the day we saw two more lion sightings as well as a pack of wild dogs very close to the road. General game sightings were great considering the excessive temperature.

30 October 2014

Today is our final day so after breakfast we packed the vehicle and headed out for our final drive.

Sightings for this morning include a leopard, honey badgers, hyena and jackal.

We then proceeded out the Kruger gates onto Nelspruit for the transfer back to Johannesburg. 

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