Wednesday, November 26, 2014

On Safari With Robbie from 17 November 2014

17 November 2014

This afternoons safari was what dreams were made of! We encountered a mating pair of lions right next to us who were nearly disturbed by a herd of 80 odd elephants. We found three cheetah walking parallel to us and stalking impala. On route back to camp we came across no less than four huge breeding herds of elephants and six white rhino sightings. On camp road we saw 7 kudu bulls together and a herd of 200 odd buffalo. It was simply fantastic as one guest said “way better than any National Geographic she has seen”.

18 November 2014

Today my two extremely happy guests left with the biggest smiles I have ever seen!!!

19 November 2014

My new guests arrived and immediately we left on our drive where we had some interesting sightings.

We set out on a long drive and on route to mestel dam we came across lovely sightings of kudu, waterbuck and zebras. At the dam itself we were treated to 5 elephant bulls swimming and playing. Suddenly the breeding herd arrived and I saw the matriarch pulling them to a nearby mud bathing area which I headed to. Here we witnessed one of the most fantastic sightings of the whole herd mud bathing together. The noise alone was something else.. trumpeting, screeching and shouting! The swimming bulls came to have a look at what was going on but the matriarch wouldn’t allow them into the mud bath frenzy so they just stood and watched!

We left the sighting with amazing photos and headed up napi where we encountered many more sightings of elephants.

After lunch we came across more stunning sightings of elephants swimming as well as 2 cheetah in the middle of the road, we watched them for 20min. then to top the day off we ended with a herd of over 300 buffalo.

20 November 2014 

Today we had great sightings of lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo as well as general game!

21 November 2014

Today was astounding as we saw 3/5 of the big 5 including a elephant road block! Mark then informed me of some wild dogs by boulders so I took a chance and headed out that way.. with some nervous anticipation! Sure as nuts they were there.. all 21 of them on the road, scent marking, playing and heads up. We observed the dogs for half an hour and then proceeded on! On boulders we got a herd of 200 buffalo. 4km before transport dam we got a huge male leopard on the road! On transport we got some lions in the distance .

This group had seen the magnificent 7 in 2 days.. truly amazing!!

Arriving in the rain with new guests we experienced and incredible electric storm which fascinated the guests. Despite the weather we saw some excellent buffalo, giraffe, zebra and elephant.

22 November 2014

Setting out early this morning we were in for a huge surprise as we got the big 5 in 1 hour an 10 min. the lions were incredible as they were a mating pair right next to the road.  As I left the sighting I caught a glimpse of a leopard on the move, it was just 30 meters from the lions. Suddenly it went straight up a marula tree and sat watching the mating lions.

We came across many bird and insects which was also awesome to observe. Top of the tops was a female hyena with her 5 pups next to the road!!

More coming soon!!

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