Friday, November 26, 2010

Kruger Park Safari with Australian Group 22 - 24th July 2010

We picked up the group of Australians at the “Stay A While” bed and breakfast in Edenvale. After waiting for them to finish with there breakfast and meeting the group, it was time to load them into the busses and get on the road to the Kruger National Park. We left Johannesburg and made our way in the direction of Witbank, stopping off for a break at the Ultra City between Witbank and Middleburg.

After the break, it was off in the direction of Nelspruit and then onto the Park. After checking through the Numbi Gate, we made our way to the camp of Pretoriuskop and after the formalities of checking in and getting the keys to the guests accommodation, the group could have a rest and some lunch before departing on there first game drive.

At 15h30, we left camp and made our way out on the first game drive. We took a drive down the Napi Road where good sightings of Rhino and Elephant were experienced as well as sightings of Impala, Wildebeest and Zebra.

We made our way back to camp, arriving a couple of minutes after gate closing time where the guests could relax and also enjoy a hearty meal prepared by Verity and Keri – Louise. After a hearty meal, the group went and retired to bed in order to get a good nights sleep before leaving early in the morning after tea and coffee on another game drive.

The following morning, it was up early and after enjoying tea and coffee, the group got aboard the open safari vehicles and it was time to leave the camp and go out to see what we could find. It was not long before we notched up our first sightings of the day. We managed to find good sightings of buffalo, rhino and elephant before breakfast. All to quickly, it was time to make our way the “Afsaal Picnic Spot”, where the group was to enjoy breakfast before continuing on with our safari stopping off at the main camp of Skukuza in order that the group could do some buying at the large shop and also visit the “Internet Cafe” in the camp.

After a well deserved break, it was out on the road again trying to find those elusive animals that we were still shorting. We managed to find a good crocodile lying next to the water at the Nwindzisaka River Bridge, before hearing a call of a leopard walking next to the road en route to the Phabeni Gate. We made our way in that direction, and as we came around the corner the leopard came out onto the road in front of our vehicle. She walked over the road, and made her way into the burnt area giving the guests a good chance to get some good photos of her as she made her way to cover. After this sighting with everybody in high spirits, we carried on down the road to see what else could be found. We came across some good rhino feeding next to the road, as well as good sightings of general game as well as some good giraffe that were on hand to have there photos taken.
After returning to the camp late afternoon, the group prepared for there night drive that left at 17h00 and returned back at 20h00. After a good night drive experienced by all, dinner was enjoyed by the group.

Next morning it was up early again, and after enjoying tea and coffee, the group left on the open safari vehicles for a morning drive. The group experienced some good sightings, and after returning back to camp, enjoyed breakfast before packing up there gear for the journey back to "Stay A While" guest house. We returned to the guest house late  afternoon with still enough time for the group to gather there belongings and get ready for there flight out the next day to Kenya.
All in all the group had a good time and were very happy with the sightings they experienced as they were arriving in Kenya having seen almost all of the species of animals that call Africa home.