Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kruger Park Safari with Sabine Korte 21 - 24 October 2009

Sabine conducted a 4 Day Budget Kruger Park Safari with us leaving from johannesburg. Upon arriving at the Kruger National Park we started our first game drive at 15h30 on the afternoon of the 21st, the game drive delivered sightings of general game and large herds of elephant. On the second morning we left camp at 06h00 and made our way deeper into the park enjoying sightings of general game, elephant and a black rhino. After breakfast we carried on with our game drive finding our first sightings of lion and cape buffalo. We made our way to skukuza for lunch and a deserved break. After lunch we took a drive down the S1 (Doispane Road) and at about 14h30 at a distance of 7,1 Km's from the intersection of the S4 we came upon a sighting of a female lion and her 2 cubs, only to find a male lion also present with a snare around the neck. Dean informed the ranger from the area and the veterinary services who proceeded to come to the scene and look for the male in order to dart him to remove the snare. The task at hand proved to be harder than anticipated and we had to leave the scene in order to get back to camp in time before the gates closed. We were informed later that the authorities had successfully darted the lion and removed the snare.

The morning of the
23rd we left camp a little earlier and after good sightings of white rhino. After a short distance we came across a sighting of lions, one male lion with two lionesses at the Deleport water hole. The lions were quite relaxed showing little interest in the tourist presence around them. we continued conducting game drives for the duration of the day getting good sightings of elephant, buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, zebra and wildebeest. Upon our return journey to camp, we came upon a sighting of Sable antelope, these sable are seldom seeing in the park due to there low numbers in the region.

Our last morning game drive was spent around the camp of Pretoriuskop seen large herds of Zebra, Rhino and also seen our first impala lambs of the summer season that had just been born.
All in all this was a memorable safari for Sabine who wants to return to go and do some volunteer work at the Moholoholo wildlife centre in the near future.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photos taken by Kyle Olsen while on safari in the Kruger National Park

Two Photos from a Lion sighting with Nhongo Safaris at klipspringer Kopies

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Photos taken by Kyle Olsen while on safari in the Kruger National Park

Two photos of a leopard taken while on safari with Nhongo Safaris.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Ricardo Martin and Paul Coopers Safari to the kruger National Park 10 - 13 October 2009

Game Viewing on this safari was excellent, from the first day lion sightings were encountered on a regular basis. On the first morning out of camp lions were found on the Napi road just a short distance from the camp. We had our first sighting of Sable moving back towards the camp. After breakfast we decided to take a drive down to the camp of Lower Sabie and en route found our first leopard in a tree. We continued down the road stopping a various sightings of Elephant and Buffalo and stopping off at Sunset dam. After a break at the camp we made our way onto the H10 and came across our second leopard with a kill under a fallen Leadwood tree. We continued on with our drive stopping off at many different sightings. Upon arrival at Siloweni dame we found a heard of about 800 buffalo crossing the road to drink at the dam. We continued with our drive stopping off for lunch at Skukuza. After lunch we started making our way slowly back to camp, only to find a third leopard for the day walking in the drainage line close to transport dam. The following day was pretty much like the first, going from one sighting to the next with various sightings of lion, Elephant, Buffalo etc.
After breakfast we were called over the radio and told about a leopard close to the camp of Skukuza in a Jackalberry tree, we decided to make our way in that direction. We got to the sighting to find the leopard sitting up looking at some Impala close by. After this sighting we decided to take a drive back up to Siloweni Dam to find the buffalo as we were sure that they would stay close to the dam. En route to the dame we came across two male lions and one lioness lying close to the bridge in the cool of the morning After arriving at the dam we were treated to a sighting of around 800 buffalo, two herds of Elephant and a pod of hippos close to our vehicle all utilising the dame to cool down.
On the final morning of the safari we left camp for our final game drive, only to have two male lions in the road not a 100 metres from the camp. The guests on the vehicle really got some close shots of these two wonderful male lions. The morning also produced some sightings of Elephant, Buffalo, Zebra, kudu and Rhino

All in all the guests had a wonderful time and expressed a willingness to return In the near future to visit the Kruger National Park again.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kruger Park Safari with kyle Olsen and Andy Green 2 - 6 October 2009

Nhongo Safaris had the pleasure of hosting Kyle Olsen from the FAA in the United States and Andy Green from the UK on safari to the Kruger National Park from the 2nd to the 6th of October 2009.

Game viewing has moved up a notch due to the dry conditions being experienced in the Kruger National Park over the months of October and November. Regular sighting of lion, elephant, buffalo and rhino were enjoyed by all. the highlight of the safari was when Dean found a female leopard and her two cubs near the main road between Skukuza ans Lower Sabie who had just killed and Impala and were starting to eat it. Unfortunately there was high numbers of local visitors to the park, so the sighting grew rapidly in size.

The female leopard and her cubs were quite unperturbed by all of the traffic and just carried on eating as if nothing had happened.

The following day, we proceeded to return to the area, where we managed to get more good photos of the cubs and mother while they proceeded to finish the kill off.

On the last morning we took a drive down to Kwagga Pan on the main H3 road to the Malelane gate, only to come upon two young male lions being chased by two very dominant older lions in a territorial battle. This proceeded to play its self out over a period of about 45 minutes, with the victorious dominant males being the winners and successfully chasing the two young males away from the re territory.

All in all this was a wonderful safari for everybody, with the highlight being the leopard and fighting male lion sightings.

We at Nhongo Safaris are greatfull to have given Kyle a wonderful safari, as it was his second safari with us and has expressed a willingness to bring his wife with him on the next safari when on business to South Africa

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The Critchfield Family visit to the Kruger National Park 26th – 29th September 2009

The Critchfield family while on safari stayed in the camps of Satara and Olifants, thease camps are situated in the central and northern sectors of the park. Sightings were generally good with many different sightings of Elephant, Giraffe, Buffalo, Zebra, Wildebeest as well as sightings of Hyena, Crocodiles, Baboon etc. The Critchfield family also experianced wonderful sightings on two leopards on impala killstogether with there cubs, as well as sightings on a kill really close to the H1 road btween Satars and Tshokwane picnic spot. The Critchfields came to Africa from the United States as a family, below is a letter received from them upon there return to the Unioted States from South Africa.

Dear Dean, Mark and Verity,

On behalf of the six members of my family who were on safari hosted you on the 26/09/2009 through 29/09/2009, i want to thank you for a memorable experiance. We trully had a good time, and we got some great photos of animals and the scenery as well. We have hundreds of photos to keep our memories sharp for a lifetime.
Mark was a great guide as he mixed in humour with his expertise regarding the park. Our consecutive sightings of a leopard and its impala kill, two female lions and their zebra kill, and another leopard with its cub and impala kill and another male and female lion were very exciting. These sightings all happened within thirty minutes of one another....
We had seen the big 5, plus sightings of hyena, crocodiles, a mother baboon holding her baby, a chemeleon (at night), and ostriches, including on with 10 chicks. We saw jackal during the day time which was unusual since it normally is a nocturnal animal. The scenic views along the rivers were awsome in their beauty with the elephants and crocodiles matched against there natural backgrounds. Dean, I had extreme pleasure discussing your country and the worlds problem spots in route from the park to Johannesburg airport. My family thought your were humorous too. Many thanks for getting us safely and on time for our flight. May your son have the best time and experiance in the USA! Mark i offer you my thanks to you for gettin g me to a safe haven with my stomach cramps. You would make a great emergency driver. Kruger National Park is an amazing place to visit, your country should be proud of it. I would recommend it to anyone in the world.
If i return to Kruger, i will seek you as my host

In Christian love from the USA (Pennsylvania)

Critchfield Family -- Richard, JoAnn, Becky, Jim, Susie and Sascha 

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