Thursday, October 20, 2016

On Safari With Kara From 17 October 2016

17 October 2016

This 1 day safari was not only a new one for my guests but it was the first time for me to see this area of the park and to have such a big group of fun Netherlanders and got to conduct my game drive in both Dutch and English.

We started our safari from Phalaborwa gate after I picked them up at their lodge.

Our highlights of this day was starting out with some wild dogs on a mission next to the road hoping to make a early morning kill...

Later we spent time with Journeys and Journeys of giraffes. Focusing on the raptors we saw a few from a Whalbergs eagles to a Tawny eagle, Martial eagle and a Yellow billed kites scavenging. And the best and very rare to see 2 Secretary birds.

18 October 2016

The following day I was happy to take the same group of enthusiastic guests on a drive heading from phalaborwa to letaba camp.

Patiently waiting in the road after we spotted a big herd of buffalos in the distance, we could see them crossing the road by the hundreds. Counting close to a thousand.

Finally we came across a lioness lying on a sand bank only to discover her teenage cubs eating the last of a buffalo they caught.

Our last animal as we exited the park was a few dassies climbing trees on a hill getting to the fruit.

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