Monday, October 17, 2016

On Safari With Gert From 15 October 2016

15 October 2016

This afternoon we started a new Safari with 4 guests, 2 of whom will only be with us for 1 night, hence the first priority was to maximize game drive time in the hope of finding some good sightings.

After checking in and a quick lunch we headed out for a very lucrative afternoon drive.

First up we found a large buffalo herd, probably about a hundred strong, resting in the reeds along the banks of a large waterhole.

We then came across a Leopard kill in a tree, at first all we saw was the kill - a baby buffalo - hanging in a tree, but no sign of the Leopard! We decided to drive a bit further on, as there had also been talk of lions in the area.

We were lucky enough to find said lions, one male and 2 females. The females were lying flat in the shade of a tree, while the male was lying close to the road guarding the leftovers of what also appeared to be a buffalo carcass! We had a great view of the male, lying with his head up looking around, with a few hooded vultures patiently waiting their turn.

On the way back to our camp we also found a large male Elephant enjoying a mud bath in the late afternoon sun, a great afternoon and brilliant start to the safari!

16 October 2016

We left on morning drive after an early breakfast. From early on it was evident that it would be a hot day, as the Impala were already congregating in the shade!

It was a very good morning for the large herbivores and we had good close-up Sightings of several old Buffalo bulls as well as Zebra and Giraffe in the road!

One of the highlights was a crash of White Rhino; a large female with 2 calves, the youngest about 2 years old. We watched them graze close to the road until they got comfortable in some good shade under a tree.

We then returned to drop off 2 of our guests leaving today. On the way back we found a few large adult Elephant bulls with some very impressive tusks between them, all feeding close to the road. One of the bulls was not very happy with the passing vehicles and decided to stand in the road to feed and not let anyone pass for a while!

We eventually got around them and returned to camp for lunch and pool time.
During the late afternoon drive we found a very large crocodile on the bank of a waterhole, a beautiful herd of Elephant feeding in a drainage line and another very large buffalo herd. A spectacular sunset signaled the end to another successful day on Safari!

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