Monday, October 10, 2016

On safari With Amanda From 6 October 2016

6 October 2016

After a very successful full day yesterday we decided to take it easy and do a morning and afternoon drive.

A little bit chilly, but, with temperature set to reach 36° you could feel the warmth in the air.

Along the road we came across a herd of zebras with the smallest foal I'd ever seen it was totally adorable, sticking very close to its mum. We watched for a while moving off onto one of the dirt roads. Lovely giraffes, Donnas favorite, and nice elephants. 

After lunch and a siesta we headed to mestle dam and saw lovely fish eagles and hippos. A very scenic drive, Donna happy to chat and take in the amazing scenery.

7 October 2016

Our last drive this morning and it was a stunningly warm morning. 

On one of the roads we watched a small herd of Elephants cross, the baby running quickly after its mum! It's just nice to sit and watch these beautiful animals. Further down we saw a mother rhino and it's calf and behind them in the distance a herd of sable antelope.  

Lots of birds on our trip.... bateleur eagles, lilac breasted rollers, tawny eagles, blue waxbill and glossy starlings amongst others.

I dropped Lesley and Donna off for their panorama tour after a lovely time in the best place on earth.

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