Monday, September 12, 2016

On Safari With Robbie From 7 September 2016

7 September 2016

Its not often that one can add sightings immediately to an " all time great list " but as I left Sable dam today at 14:35pm this occurred:

1) At this waterhole at this time there was an overall head count of 200  plus Elephant!

2) Never have I seen so many breeding herds coming down to drink at the same time at different angles of Sable dam!

3) To top it all 15 Bulls were swimming in the deeper section of the dam!

4) No ... never will I experience this again and the gratefulness of G and Antwanette was incredible!!

A day of the mighty Elephant yet again!

From a very hot Olifants camp we say Goodnight!!

8 September 2016

Starting off today I was thinking that as we were heading south that Cats were my priority !

But as usual on safari much changes and we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of Zebra and Giraffe we saw along the way.

Then out of nowhere out of some thickets popped 2 Black Rhino who were quite long distance but a fantastic sighting!!

However the sighting of the day occurred when at the Gudzane windmill a female Cheetah crossed the road with her 4 beautiful young cubs behind her!!!

This rates 100/100 in my book and it stayed top sighting of the day!!

Tomorrow we head up to Mopani so literally cant wait!!

9 September 2016

Today was yet again Elephant day with sightings beyond ones wildest dreams of the big Pachyderms!

Too boot on Night safari the ever enthusiastic Brazalians saw 12 Spotted Hyena last night and Side Striped Jackals!

We also had a great sighting of some Tsessebe as well today!

Tonight’s night safari starting at 8 pm is normally a good 1 so lets hold thumbs!!!

Until tomorrow from the awesome Mopani camp!

10 September 2016

Due to really unusual cold weather ( 17 degrees ) we basically saw Elephants most of the morning and beautiful Giraffe herds!!

We wish the Sao Paulo guests a safe trip home and look forward to your return adventure!

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