Monday, April 11, 2016

On Safari With Amanda From 2 April 2016

2 April 2016

Today I got 4 new lovely guests 2 from the USA and 2 from the UK. 

After pick up and check in my guests relaxed around the pool before they headed off on a sunset drive. On the drive they saw hyenas and buffalo along with zebras and of course impalas.

A filling supper and an early night so we can be refreshed for tomorrow's safari. 

3 April 2016

We departed from camp at 6 am, the morning was cool and overcast, prefect conditions for my guests, it's beginning to feel like autumn now at last.

Our first sighting was a young giraffe all alone but ever curious it gave away the whereabouts of its mother eating further away out of our sight.

We drove a few more kilometers admiring the view and saw nice Elephants, quite far away but always nice to see. A lone klipspringer watched us as we drove slowly around manung koppies admiring the rock formations, a dwarf mongoose showed a quick appearance running across the road. Further down on our left hand side, in a small marula tree sat, looking rather uncomfortably, a handsome male leopard not more than 2 meters from the road, I drove past, did a quick U turn and we sat and watched as he fidgeted around trying to get comfortable after an hour or so he'd had enough and jumped down to lie close to us in the long turpentine grass, completely camouflaged! If you didn't know he was there you'd be forgiven for driving right past him!

We drove to mestle dam and saw very fresh leopard tracks and followed them until they vanished. At the dam we saw Waterbuck relaxing along with hippos lying in the water. 

We drove along the Albesini road and came across a fascinating sight of an African Harrier Hawk literally hanging from a tree pecking at the trunk and ripping off bark rather frantically. We couldn't quite see what he was feasting on but could only assume it was the chick of possibly a barbeton. Incredible to watch. 

Lunch time and we were off out for our afternoon drive.

Incredible luck this afternoon not more than 3kms from the gate hanging in a tree was a female leopard, a fantastic way to start! Again we enjoyed our time with this beauty before heading off. 

Black clouds looming above us giving a dramatic backdrop and photo opportunity of the koppies we drove slowly taking in the view, a colourful bee eater in a tree for a quick photo then it flew away. 

Elephants in the distance unaware of our presence browsing and then a lucky spot by my one guest 2 male Sable antelope, breathtakingly beautiful. We watched as they lay down in the long grass before we headed off to catch the gate closing.. there alone in the road stood the young giraffe again. ..this time accompanied by his mother, totally unfazed by us he stood and groomed himself in the road rather awkwardly. 

Another fantastic day in the Kruger Park.

4 April 2016

For 2 of my guests it was their last day before heading off to Cape Town and Namibia. 

The mornings are definitely cooling down and bringing some much needed relief from the summers heat.

After breakfast we headed straight to shitlave dam a lovely bird watching spot. 

As we drove down we spotted a large flock of birds flying above the dam...I couldn't see without my binoculars and when I did see to my amazement I realized it was Flamingos! ! I drove further hoping they would land at the water but unfortunately they continued flying in an easterly direction. I checked with my colleagues and it's incredibly rare to see flamingos this far south.. even for years they haven't been seen so we were so lucky!

An afternoon drive gave lovely Elephants on manung koppies eating away lots of impalas and again our little Giraffe made an appearance! 

After saying goodbye to our UK guests my two remaining guests headed out the next day on their last drive.

5 April 2016

An incredible sunrise this morning bright orange with some small clouds covering the sun.

We decided to stick to the tar road and came across 2 hyenas at their usual sunning spot relaxed around us barely glancing at us!

Approximately 3kms on the road lying very flat lay 3 Cheetahs, so we'll camouflaged! We sat and watched as they raised their heads every now and then until 2 of them eventually decided for a change of scenery and walked 3 meters to flop down under a tree!

Always great to see Cheetahs and my guests were extremely happy as it was a wish for them to see cheetahs in the wild since childhood!

Another great drive in the Kruger 

6 April 2016

Today I welcomed my 2 new guests, Leonie and Patrick from Germany to a cold and wet Kruger Park, this didn't dampen our excitement though!

After checking in to our camp for the next 3 nights despite the rain we headed of on a drive. Waterbuck, Zebras and impalas stood nervously in the road listening to every rustle in the grass the wind and rain made, we could sense their nervousness as the wandered cautiously to the water. 

A drive around circle road gave us some elephants in the distance.

We decided to return to camp for supper and a hot chocolate to warm us up!

7 April 2016

Early departure from camp rewarded us with 3 sleeping rhinos, I switched off the engine and we watched them as the lay there peacefully until they decided to wander into the bush...beautiful.

We headed towards Skukuza for our breakfast and saw lovely Elephants giraffes as well as zebras along the road. An update of 2 leopards feeding in a tree were received with much excitement and we drove to the location, a few cars ahead gave us an indication of something.. and there under a bush were at least 10 lions relaxing.. great to see and unexpected! Just past the lions warming up in an old termite mound were some dwarf mongoose totally adorable!

We arrived at the leopard sighting with the male leopard eating the remains of a duiker hanging in the tree, the female was lying under the tree until the male called her and she joined him. Always great to see. After lunch another drive where we found nice hyenas and hippos at mestle dam mating!! Tomorrow is another day in the best place on earth.

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