Wednesday, March 2, 2016

On safari With Amanda From 29 February 2016

29 February 2016

A new safari with my new German guests! 

After pick up from white river we headed for Numbi Gate for our trip staying at Nkambeni camp.

My guests were on a sunset drive and returned full of Amarula and excited encounters with buffalo, zebras and Giraffe to name a few!

After supper we all retired for an early start .

1 March 2016

A filling breakfast and we were on our way!

Beautiful sunshine and a pleasant temperature greeted us along with our first spot, a juvenile black mamba on the road...very nice to see... from a distance!

We headed to shithave dam as when driving we saw a herd of at least 50+ elephants heading to the water. What an amazing sight to see them all running for water, trumpeting loudly as they ran. Some of the younger males ran in and fully submerged themselves and then play fighting with each other, there was so much happening we didn't know where to look! Zebras and Waterbuck joined the elephants all drinking thirstily from the dam.

Next came a huge herd of buffalo rushing to drink and were chased (unsuccessfully ) by the elephants. A lone saddle billed stork was also victim to the elephants and chased away!.

An update came through of a leopard close by so off we went ,it was very difficult to spot but once seen it became obvious! As with all leopard sightings the pleasure comes from just sitting and watching this beautiful cat.. so we did for an hour or so until she decided to climb down and leave us. 

A fantastic way to end a morning drive.

Afternoon drive provided us with beautiful Rhinos more buffalos zebras and impalas and a handsome young giraffe.

Tomorrow is another day and my guests are full of excitement for our day!

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