Friday, January 8, 2016

On safari With Amanda 7 January 2016

7 January 2016

Early start today as temperatures expected to rise to the mid 40's! 

My guests were very excited about the drive after last night's sunset, they really loved the scenery especially the various koppies we saw. 

We  drove to shithave dam and found a lone sable bull drinking alongside zebras and buffalos. A juvenile fish eagle flew down to the water and then flew back to its perch sitting on top of the tree as his vantage point. 

A km or so from the dam we found lying under a sickle bush a single cheetah!

Amazing considering there are roughly just over 400 in the park. We sat for a good hour watching her enjoying alone time with her.

Back to camp for a dip in the pool and then a short drive to mestle dam and shabeni koppies. At the dam we watched elephants rolling in the water keeping cool. They then headed to the top road so we followed and there we were greeted by 15 other elephants sheltering under a marula tree. It was a roadblock, the sort you really don't mind! 

The best sighting of the day had to be a herd of sable antelope coming to drink at a small waterhole. .. beautiful creatures the males handsomely striking. 

Rain is for cast for tonight so we're all hoping for a cooler day and much needed rain!

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