Friday, January 29, 2016

On Safari With Amanda 28 January 2016

28 January 2016

Another fantastic day in the park. Beautiful and cool today with lots of clouds around.

We set off at expectations order of the day! Driving on the dirt road a troop of over 20 baboons all walking in single file breezed casually past us, further up banded mongoose ran across the road noisily. A beautiful elephant greeted us on the way to shithave dam too.

At the dam we all got our binoculars out to check the birds, African fish eagle, blacksmith lapwings and Egyptian geese all on the edge of the dam, I look into a distant marula and there comfy as anything a lovely leopard so relaxed! We sat for 2 hours and watched it move a couple of times and there he stayed the whole day!

Our 2 new guests arrived we wanted them to see the leopard so we collected them at numbi gate and drove off to the dam...and there he was still sleeping!

The golden hour was upon us and we headed off after half an hour and there blocking our drive was a beautiful white rhino. Very relaxed and walking out in front of him came a sable...he didn't move just stared at us, I looked and there were 2 Waterbuck also staring behind us.. I look in my side mirrors and there in the road stood a leopard!! We reversed and he was walking at the side of us in the bush the Waterbuck went mad alarm calling...he continued to walk until we lost sight and the Waterbuck ran away.

Always check your side mirrors and take time to stop and watch the animals behavior.. you never know what's behind you! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

On Safari With Robbie with Robbie 27 January 2016

27 January 2016

Ben and Marius today rounded off their dream of coming across the " big 5 " in Africa with a superb Leopard sighting! Arriving at the location 2 huge nasty Baboons had chased it off its kill. However patience won the day with 5/5 views of the magnificent Cat right below us!!!

We wish Ben and Marius a great time in Cape Town whilst we welcome the Gupta family from India!!!

On the afternoon drive a beautiful pair of W .Rhino were the highlight of the afternoon!!!

Tomorrow awaits!

On safari With Amanda From 26 January 2016

26 January 2016

Beautiful cool temperatures greeted my new guests on arrival at the Kruger park.

After checking in we headed for an afternoon drive, around circle loop and shabeni rock. Lots of lovely zebras grazing on the moist grass from the previous nights rain.

A lovely family of warthogs entertained us with the young ones running around chasing each other. 

Perched on top of the koppies were 3 klipspringer jumping from rock to rock.. it seems all the animals are enjoying the coolness.

We watched further down the road a big lone bull elephant shaking and pushing a marula tree to knock the fruit off the branches and then happily eat them all. Nice white fronted bee eaters and woodlands kingfishers.

27 January 2016

After a good night's sleep we headed for an early drive to skukuza lots of impalas, zebras and blue wildebeest on our way. A quick coffee stop and en route back to camp we watched a beautiful rhino drinking and then rolling in the mud...always special to see the rhinos.

With temperatures hotting up to the high 30's we drove back to camp where my guests relaxed before heading out for a sunset drive. Another lovely day in the Kruger park! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On Safari With Robbie 24 - 25 January 2016

24 January 2016

Arriving in the Park with Ben and Marius a large cloud build was noticed and we began to think the horrid drought of the last couple months may break but to no avail ! Little did we know what was going to happen on day 2!

The afternoon drive consisted of no less than 13 mammal species, with the highlight being 2 beautiful male lions sighted very close to the road and they were followed close to us on the move!!!

25 January 2016

Today setting out at 4-30 am it was not long before rain started to fall and it almost brought a rejoicing dance to most species from tiny to huge!

We counted 25 leopard tortoises drinking water off the tar road almost as if this was their last chance of survival! Chameleons were also in abundance as well as Duikers, Steenbok and Klipspringers coming to drink!

The morning highlight was the Hyena clan in their absolute element charging around in the rain!

Collecting team USA brought us incredible luck with classic big 5 sightings! We actually got Lion, W Rhino and Buffalo all within 200 m of each other!!!!

The highlight however was the massive thunder, rain and lightening storm which hit at 16-55 pm!!!

This could be the most welcomed rain Kruger has seen in a while and it lasted for 3 hours!!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Monday, January 25, 2016

On safari With Gert 23 January 2016

23 January 2016

After an early breakfast we departed for our morning game drive at 06:00, in very nice conditions, a bit of cloud around and not too hot.

It started off a good morning for the large herbivores, as we saw 2 different small herds of old male Buffalo. The first were all lying down in the grass, about 5m from our vehicle, eventually being spurred into at least getting up, by the incessant chirping of Oxpeckers wanting breakfast. The second lot of old males, were also still lying down, one with a set of deeply curved and very impressive horns.

We also found large Elephant Bulls at regular intervals along one of the roads, including 1 very relaxed and feeding close to the vehicle, while posing nicely for a few shots! Another bull was feeding on a Marula tree - elephants favorite this time of year - a little further in and we watched as the entire tree shook with the efforts of the elephant to get the fruit to drop.

We had a good, but quick sighting of Spotted Hyena at their den, before they moved into the den, although one of the females with 2 cubs settled in a shady spot, but out of sight.

Shortly before our morning coffee break we came across a lone male Lion, lazing on top of a large termite mound. While we were there he decided to change position and he got up for everyone to get a good view and a few nice shots, before he settled down and got comfortable.

One of the highlights however, was a troop of baboons under a Marula tree. They were feeding on the fallen fruit and the nuts found inside the seed. While the adults were engrossed in their feast, a few youngsters, about 6 weeks old, entertained themselves and us, by climbing a thin overhanging branch and proceeding to hang by one arm or upside down by their feet and then trying to fight each other off.

After lunch and a break back at camp we went out again for a late afternoon drive, during which we saw a breeding herd of about 40 elephants crossing the road in a drainage line in front of our vehicle, as well as a mother with a baby giraffe, about 4 months old. Ending off our drive we saw 2 Verraux's Eagle Owls in a large Jackalberry tree, certainly not an everyday sighting!