Thursday, August 27, 2015

On Safari With Robbie 26 August 2015

26 August 2015

Today the sightings in generally have been lately awesome and plentiful!

All four of the big 5 were seen by 08:15am and yet we are strangely enough still searching for a daylight sighting Of leopard!

The highlight for us occurred in the afternoon in the form of a standoff between a huge hippo bull and 3 rather big sub adult bulls!!!

The result was quite spectacular with the smaller group surrendering to the win and the huge bull kind of smiling and yawning at us as much to say "So who is king???"

It was a great day in great weather !!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

On Safari With Mark 25 August 2015

25 August 2015

After collecting my clients from Nelspruit it was off to the Kruger and out on a game drive immediately.

As this is a 7 day safari, and our first afternoon on it we spent some quality time at the different animals spotted.

The two highlights were the massive herd of buffalo Robbie let us know about and majority of our time was spent with them as they moved Northwards over the road in front of us.

The second highlight was towards the end of the drive were we found a loan Sable antelope waiting to cross the road with a dazzle of zebra. Great photos of this magnificent animal could be taken by the new clients on safari.

Other animals include: common duiker, steenbok, kudu, Klipspringer and common rheedbuck.

On safari With Robbie 25 August 2015

25 August 2015

Today’s drive was epic with many different rare sightings experienced,

The following 4 rare Kruger inhabitants were spotted by our team : 7 Southern Ground Hornbills snake hunting!, a Black Rhino in complete open visual in a stand off with a male Impala!, A super majestic Sable bull and a fully matured Martial Eagle clearly perched on top of a Marula tree.

We came across a lioness with 3 tiny cubs playing around her and a group of about 4 Crocodiles devouring a Buffalo calf in the Sabie river!

Towards the end of the day we witnessed a White Rhino stand off which was an incredible sighting!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On Safari With Curtis From 21 August 2015

21 August 2015

A slightly different tour than our standard safaris as this one was the Best of Both Worlds tour.

A chance too not only experience a Safari or two but also to enjoy some amazing scenery in the area.

The first day and after checking into our lodge the guests went straight out on their sunset drive.

A gorgeous sunset this evening was followed with plenty of Impala and duiker, some elephant and buffalo, one giraffe and the highlight a female leopard relaxing right next to the road.

A great way to start the tour!!!

22 August 2015

Today was a trip away from the Kruger with a Panarama tour.

The chance to see some breathtaking scenery culminating with a drive up to the top of Blyde River Canyon.

Although Gods Window was a washout the weather did clear up to allow for some stunning views throughout the rest of the day.

23 August 2015

Today my turn to do some work as I took the guests out on a safari.

The day was a cold and overcast grey one but this didn't stop us getting some great sightings.

The first highlight was two big male lions only twenty meters from the road. With the weather conditions as they were the pair of them were in no mood for any action but they did continuously pop up their heads to watch the tourists come and go. With both in the open we could get some great photos.

The second highlight was an absolute peach. We had heard about a leopard killing an impala and so after lunch headed down that way.

Instead of finding a leopard with a kill we found four hyenas finishing off the last remains of the impala.

We then spotted a female leopard looking very nervous in the top of a tree. Eventually the hyenas moved away, with very full bellies, only to return thirty seconds later to chase the leopard back up the tree after she had the audacity to climb down.

After the hyenas had left a second time the leopard climbed down and too our surprise was joined by a second leopard, her cub, and they sniffed around looking for any scraps of the impala that might remain.

We were then told that the cub, in its excitement, had dropped the carcass out of the tree giving the hyenas a free meal!!! Then if that wasn't enough a third leopard appeared out of the bush.

After realizing dinner was cancelled the mum and cub decided to leave going through the drainage tunnel under the road and out of sight.

A fantastic end to a fantastic day!!!

Throughout the day we also saw plenty more including elephants, rhino, more lions and hyena, giraffe, warthog, zebra, wildebeest, hippo, vervets and baboons, impala, kudu, crocodile and two sightings of the rare sable.

Birds included fish eagles catching a fish and then fighting over it, bataleur, grey heron, lilac breasted rollers, vultures, tawny eagle and three separate sightings of the 'rare' southern ground hornbill.

24 August 2015

Our final morning and still time for a final activity. The bushwalking is always an activity which is enjoyed by the guests. It's a totally different experience being on foot where you can learn more about the smaller aspects of a national park.

As well as that they also saw a family herd of elephants with a few little ones, some impala and some kudu.

Then it was time to say farewell to the park, transfer to Nelspruit and say our goodbyes.

Amy, Andy, Hun and Jerry leave us to go and explore Cape Town. It has been great having you on tour and thanks for sharing so memorable experiences with us.

Monday, August 24, 2015

On Safari With The Google Employee Group

22 August 2015

Today 15 Google employees were picked up at their hotel in Sandton at 06:00am and transferred to Numbi Gate where guides Mark and Robbie were awaiting their arrival.

Once they had arrived they climbed aboard the Open Safari Vehicles and headed straight out on a afternoon drive where lots of general game was spotted and enjoyed.

As it got closer to gates closing we then headed back to camp where guests had a good dinner and a evening swim before heading to bed for a well deserved rest, all looking forward to what tomorrow would bring.

23 August 2015

This morning the Google team experienced probably one of the best leopard sightings in a very long time!!!

We got to a sighting of a leopard which was at first sleeping in some lush green reeds off a dry river bed when suddenly it got up, walked to the edge of a pool of water and drank for 20 minutes in clear views in front of us!!!!

Elephants were spotted on more than one occasion, as were huge herds of Buffalo!

White rhino were seen in abundance with some marvelous chasing moments and also a "bull standoff"

Mark then located a beautiful Cheetah close to the road and a lion pride with tiny cubs were spotted a bit far into the bush but could be seen with binoculars.

A majestic Sable bull was also sighted together with brilliant general game!!!

It was then time to say goodbye to the group and with one last photo taken all together they proceeded with their transfer back to Johannesburg. We wish them safe travels forward and hope they had a great safari, even though it was short we hope it was a memorable experience for all.