Thursday, December 10, 2015

On Safari With Amanda 9 December 2015

9 December 2015

New guests brings new adventures! The day started bright and early with coffee and tea for everyone before leaving camp at 4:45.

We were 5 minutes out of camp when we spotted in the road 3 wild dogs heading towards us at a pace. We quickly turned around and trailed behind them...we thought they may be hunting as they seemed to be on a mission but they stopped briefly to look at an impala ram and then trotted off! We continued for at least 3 kms before they headed off so we decided to turn and continue driving.

We were lucky to see a family of endangered southern ground hornbills in a marula chasing away a brown snake eagle! 

The morning was quickly hotting up but we were still lucky to see lots of zebras , blue wildebeest, impalas and a young elephant mock charging us!

After breakfast we headed up to our next stop satara. Our drive provided us with a pair of bataleur eagles more southern ground hornbills and approximately 8kms from camp there we came across a waterhole with a lone bull elephant drinking and splashing water as well as impalas and zebras and there close by under a tree lay three lions cooling down away from the blistering African sun!

With the temperature in the mid 40's we all decided that a cooling dip in the pool and an ice cold beer was on the cards...the African bush delivered again its beauty to our hot but very happy guests 

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