Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On Safari With Gert 2 November 2015

2 November 2015

Setting out bright and early, it was a hot day from the start, but we were lucky to get some very diverse sightings. Just over an hour into our drive, we spotted 2 Honey badgers foraging on the trot, pausing for a dig and a sniff every so often resulting in a quick snack.

Not long after that a large bull Sable Antelope came galloping out the bush and across the road with majestic horns and his jet-black coat gleaming in the morning light.

Then it was time for breakfast at a nearby camp and a memorable one it was, as we had breeding herd of elephant feeding in the riverbed.

After a midday break, we headed out again on an afternoon that will be remembered for two things.

Firstly, the complete change in weather, as it was now extremely windy with a misty haze blowing in from the East contributing much to the chill factor.

Secondly, that it was a great afternoon for birding. Among many species seen were 2 owls - a Spotted Eagle-Owl peering out of its nest in a tree cavity and a Pearl-spotted Owl on the hunt. We first saw it as it flew across in front of us with what appeared to be a small bird in its talons. It proceeded to finish its prey before a short rest.

A Nearby Tree Squirrel had to make quick escape as the Pearly then tried to pounce!

We then saw a Little Sparrow hawk with a Fork-tailed Drongo kill which it took into a tree, plucked and ate!

Adding to this we got sightings of Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, White Rhino and Following a Hyena down the road.

It certainly was a day to remember!

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