Monday, November 30, 2015

On Safari With Amanda 27 November 2015

27 November 2015

The elusive leopard still avoiding us after three we were hoping for luck in finding her!

We decided to have breakfast at skukuza this morning the drive there gave us beautiful sightings of rhinos standing in the middle of the road checking us checking them out!

After a tip off we headed straight to the 114 and low and behold 2 kms down the dirt road lay 2 handsome male lions.. lifting their heads every now and then. It was refreshingly cool and they were obviously enjoying the coolness.

On our return to camp we watched a chameleon painstakingly cross the road we guarded him all the way until he reached his destination.

The afternoon started of with a sighting of reedbuck, zebras and the most adorable baby impalas. Heading on the road we received word from Mark that he had a visual of a leopard so we went a km to the sighting and there so well hidden lay a young female leopard! We had visual of her lifting her head every now and then but she was in no rush to move also enjoying the cool air if she didn't lift her head there's no way she would be visible so it's a wonder we get to see these beautiful creatures at all..

Another successful day in the best place on earth.

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