Thursday, October 8, 2015

On Safari With Mark 5-7 October 2015

5-7 October 2015

We've had a couple of great days with many fantastic sightings of different animals.

Highlights so far for these couple of days has been cats cats and more cats

We were spoiled with a beautiful Male leopard lying at the sweni waterhole.
Fantastic how relaxed he was and all on his own. After many precious minutes he decided to get up and move off on his late afternoon stroll about. We too had to head back to camp but very happy we found this beautiful boy in the late afternoon.  

On our journey from Orpen camp we had another female leopard in a jackelberry tree with her bushbuck kill. She moved a bit and this the gave us poor visibility, so decided to move on and search for other animals.

On our way down south, we found a further 5 massive male lions lying 5m from the road. Although not the best visual my guests could still get some photos of these majestic males.

Approximately 10kms from that we found a further 6 lions lying next to the road and eventually reported for breakfast at 11:45. Although very hungry we were all very happy with what the morning had given us other than the beautiful general game that we also could watch on our drive down south.

The afternoon drive we drove along the river and although relatively quiet, it was great to spot general animals such as buffalo, elephant and giraffe all drinking. We then found a further 2 male lions lying in the river bed and approximately 1km from them we spotted a pair of mating leopards. This was definitely a highlight for us as team Nhongo spotted these on their own regardless of traffic from the holiday makers. Seems like people are driving around with blinkers on.

Wanting to see a Sable bull we decided to head down towards Pretoriuskop to search for this. Nothing found we headed around the Pk rocks and found 1 of the leopard Cubs walk out in front of us and very calmly watch us for a while as we were the only car with it. Guests have loved the sightings and what has been special is that most of them have been done without many other cars around us.

We head down towards berg en dal tomorrow and are sure we will have fantastic time there as well.

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