Wednesday, October 21, 2015

On Safari With Karen 20 October 2015

20 October 2015

Even though this morning we were spoiled with sightings of lions and hyenas, it was a baboon baby that was today's highlight. The little one wasn't older than a week tops and was getting to know the big world. Once he strayed to close to a male baboon having breakfast and after a growl he ran back to mommy and hid behind her arm. He was so adorable, upturning little stones, digging in the dirt and playing with elephant poo that was bigger than himself. But the best was when he tried to climb in mommy. It is a skill that needs a little more developing as most times he did not succeed. The one time he actually got on top, he fell over on the other side. It had us bursting out with laughter, but we couldn't help ourselves. It was the cutest thing we saw so far this safari!

Our second highlight was seeing elephants swimming in the dam. We had missed most of the herd in the water but they were still feeding nearby. Two stragglers however did not want to get out and continued playing around. It looked like they had so much fun! They were snorkeling, spraying water and pushing each other over. It made us jealous and wanting to go swimming too as it was a very hot day. After watching three more bulls arrive we decided it was time for a rest and maybe a dip in the pool at the lodge so we returned back to camp. 

Other animals seen were hippos, a crocodile, kudus, bushbucks, many warthogs, steenboks, waterbucks, zebras, a tree squirrel, giraffes, lots more elephants, hyenas, lions, herds of buffalos, vervet monkeys and impalas. 

Birds included a red-crested korhaan, black collared barbet, black headed oriole, brown hooded kingfisher, brown headed parrots, a goliath heron, hooded vultures, white backed vultures, african fish eagle, bateleurs flying over and tawny eagles

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