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On Safari With Karen 12 October 2015

12 October 2015

This morning we started off rather quiet on safari. Not us, but the animals seemed to have trouble waking up. However we did get some great sightings as the morning progressed, with our highlight being a large herd of elephants that started off in the distance but ended up crossing the road in front of us. 

What made it extra special was this young elephant which came to sus us out. First he walked a few steps tentatively towards us, then opened up his or her ears and looked at us. Of course its aim was to impress us, but it actually made us trying really hard not to laugh. She looked so cute. Every few second she would take another few steps and then stare us down. As we would not budge she then went back to safety next to mum and together they crossed the road. 

Other animals seen: white rhinos, giraffes, kudus, warthogs, zebras, steenbok, slender mongoose, common grey duiker, tree squirrels, baboons, vervet monkeys, a couple of bull elephants and just before the exit we got a good view of our last impalas. 

Back in Malelane it was time to say goodbye to Alyson, who would return back home, and Sam and Julleen, who would continue to Vic Falls. I hope you enjoyed your safari as a last chance trip! Have a great time on the rest of your travels!

No rest for me as in Malelane we had an exchange of guests and we went straight back into the park. Joined by 6 new friends we set off to find some animals before lunchtime. Our first animals were a smallish herd of elephants that was standing in the shade of a large jackalberry.  It was indeed getting quite hot already, so at the start we found most animals in the shade. 

Our first highlight was a small herd of kudus which were hoping to cross the road, but got a bit of a fright of our vehicle. At first they ran alongside the road in a long line, but then further up the road they decided to cross after all. However still a bit frightened of our presence two took the cross at a run, then came a slow starting one, but then sped up. But the next two were quite impressive. As they crossed the road they took a gigantic leap in the air and showed off their fitness to us by jumping at least 2 meters high! The last two then were certain we wouldn't harm them as they walked calmly across. 

Our second highlight was a pride of lions consisting of 1 sleepy male, 4 females and 2 cubs. When we arrived at the sighting all of them were asleep. As it was still hot, it was quite understandable. But slowly there came some movement in the pride as two females rolled over and then the male popped up his head. In the end the mother of the two cubs sat up and the cubs came close for a cuddle. One of the cubs was even giving dad a cuddle too before following mum down the riverbank. With mum watching close by both cubs went for a drink, before returning to a shady spot where some more resting was done. The male by now had done its show and had gone back to sleep a while back already! And one of the females hadn't moved at all! Cats will be cats. 

Other animals seen: giraffes, impalas, steenbok, dwarf mongoose, a very large crocodile, hippos, zebras, warthogs, a leopard, white rhinos, lots more elephants and hyenas. 

Birds included: grey heron, blacksmith lapwing, Egyptian geese, African fish eagle, bateleurs, brown snake eagle, lilac breasted roller, white-backed vulture, red-billed, yellow-billed and grey hornbills, red crested korhaan and a goliath heron. 

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