Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On Safari With Gert 27 September 2015

27 September 2015

From early this morning it was quite evident that this would be a very hot day...

We found ‎a good variety of general game early on as the fresh grass sprouting after last week's rain attracts a large number of grazers to the area. Huge herds of Zebra, Waterbuck and Buffalo provided the early entertainment until we were lucky enough to spot a leopard on a nearby granite outcrop... It was on the move and we watched it jump across the rocks accompanied by the alarm calls of many severely agitated birds. We eventually lost sight as it found a hiding spot in tall grass.

Shortly before our morning coffee break, we also came across a mating pair of lions, but as it was quite hot already by that time, we had to be content with watching them resting, the magnificent dark-manned male at least with his head up, surveying the surroundings... 

The highlights of the day, however, came as it got even hotter as we found a small herd of elephants drinking and cooling down at a waterhole. A mother with what appeared to be 3 of her own youngsters of different ages was also feeding on a tree and relaxing in the shade very close to our vehicle... We also found 3 different very large White Rhino males and watched one of them strolling into a waterhole, drinking and having a wallow in the mud.

Shortly before returning to camp we also came across 2 younger White Rhino males whom had just had a good wallow, completely covered in mud, walking along the road... a fitting end to another successful safari...

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