Monday, September 21, 2015

On Safari With Gert 20 September 2015

20 September 2015

This afternoon we welcomed David and Louisa, who are on their honeymoon, on Safari. After transferring from White River, we entered the Park for a short Game Drive on route to our camp for the next 2 nights; Pretoriuskop.

After having driven for about 10 min, not yet having seen anything, we came across 4 majestic Kudu bulls in their prime. We watched them gracefully crossing the road‎ one by one and eventually let them be. A short while later, having driven a total of about 10 km, there was a small pride of Lions walking along the road. We had the cool wet weather to thank for this as they were trying to escape the wet grass and it was also not too hot for them to be on the move. The pride, consisting of 1 adult male, 1 younger male and 3 females, were very active, frequently lying down in the road, rolling over and playfully grooming each other.  We followed them down the road for about a kilometer where their pathway led them off the road and back into longer grass. We watched until we had lost sight of them in the grass. A truly amazing start to the Safari...

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