Thursday, August 13, 2015

On Safari With Karen From 11 August 2015

11 August 2015

Last night's sundowner was a rather quiet one. Although the guests were lucky the overcast day had opened up a bit so they had a wonderful sunset. The animal sightings were a bit scarce. They did come across some impalas and saw zebras in the distance. 

12 August 2015

This morning start off with some active walking. The guests were taken out by two guides of the lodge where they discovered the quiet of the bush while out on foot.

They came across a very dangerous animal: a python. Luckily it was overcast and cold so the animal was a bit sluggish. This way they could observe it nicely from a safe distance! They also learned many things about the smaller things in the bush as well as tracks and signs of animals. 

In the afternoon we went out for our first game drive together. As it was a rather quiet drive in the beginning we made it all the way to see a great lion sighting as was seen by Curtis earlier today! We watched a lioness play tug-of-war with the kudu leg. But the kudu leg was not giving way, so after a minute or so she gave up and laid down panting as if the effort was too much on a (overly) full stomach!

The lion sighting was great but our highlight was seeing lots of hippos outside the water, as this was a common wish of both my guests. At both dams we stopped about 7 hippos were bundled up on a little dried sandbank sunbathing in the warmth as the day had been cold this morning! At the second dam one of the hippos decided to stand up to show himself completely, which was greatly enjoyed. 

Other interesting sightings: impalas, kudus, warthogs, a crocodile, a slender mongoose running across the road, a common grey duiker, waterbucks, elephants, vervet monkeys and giraffes. 

Birdies included: magpie shrike, white-backed vultures, two fish eagles, a grey heron, a blacksmith lapwing chasing a three banded plover in flight, scarlet chested sunbird, forktailed drongos, crowned lapwings, water thickknees, a juvenile bateleur and yellow-billed horbills. 

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