Monday, July 13, 2015

On Safari With Robbie From 9 July 2015

9 July 2015

Today and especially this morning there was just something in the air that made everything special!

From the Cheetah to the slender mongoose there was just brilliant light and very good visuals!

Being peak winter season the bush is open and dry allowing for superb sightings!

Species seen were Zebra, Buffalo, Reedbuck, Elephants, Hyena, Impala, Hippo, Waterbuck, Cheetah, W.Rhino, Bushbuck, Slender Mongoose, Steenboks!

10 July 2015

This morning was the last 4 hours on safari for our two ultra enthusiastic Ozzie and we're they rewarded!

We located a pack of 8 Wild dog which were mobile next to us for over 5 min!  They then disappeared after a rather boisterous Buffalo herd interrupted their planned direction process!

Then 10 min later we picked up 2 Leopards in a knob-thorn tree,  distant but very good visuals with binocs! They were feeding on an Impala and then lay there facing us!!!

Other species seen were W. Rhino, Elephant, Kudu, Hippo, Impala, Croc, Waterbuck, Giraffes and Zebra!

This afternoon with temperatures dropping we saw great sightings of Buffalo, Elephant and Kudu!

We wish Mim and Patris a great stay in the fairest of Capes!

11 July 2015

Today was remarkable in that we got the magnificent 7 before 10 am!!!

The Wild dog took the cake though where they were right in front of us trying to snatch yet again a calf Buffalo from the herd!!!!

Lions were awesome as well sunning themselves on a really nippy morning!

Leopards were still tree perched and Cheetah were seen on no less than 3 occasions!
Buffalo, Elephant and w rhino where in abundance!

However the top of tops was a Black Rhino running at pace at us!!!!.........  Snorting and grunting like crazy until it crossed the road!

It was one special day!!!!!

12 July 2015

With the bush opening up in peak winter, sightings are definitely easier to come bye!

It was Ed’s last drive this morning and even though his stay was short he thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

We said goodbye to Rufaus and Nenon who probably had some of the best luck on a safari with me for a while!

Then it was the turn of the Singapore 2 who seemed to continue our lucky streak! Last night they got 5/5 on sundowner including Lion stalking Buffalo!!!!

This afternoon we had a beautiful sighting of a female Leopard near Pretoriuskop camp but the highlight of the day although brief came at 17:10 pm!

4 Majestic Sable bulls appeared out of nowhere and stood facing us for 5 min before proudly moving off into the sunset!!!!

It was quite a day and we look forward to the morning!

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