Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On safari With Karen 14 July 2015

14 July 2015

We split the day in two and on the morning drive our highlight was coming across a cheetah. We didn't expect to see one, but a nice couple on a self-drive safari told us about it on the way.

When we got to the sighting it luckily was still there. The cheetah was lying on a termite mound, which isn't very unusual. However this cat had made herself comfortable in a way that looked very uncomfortable. Have you ever seen Ice Age? Remember Sid the sloth getting comfortable when going to sleep? Well, exactly like that!! It was lying upside down and hanging downwards with her head! And she was definitely not dead as we saw her look up a couple of times (and plop back down on her back). 

As new guests were arriving today it was a highlight to see their first animal roaming around the fence-line of the camp: a small family of elephants was walking by and got the guests attention. Good start of a safari, especially when the actual safari hasn't even started yet. 

Other interesting sightings: common grey duikers, steenboks, blue wildebeests, a lioness, klipspringers, elephant bulls, kudus, waterbucks, white rhinos, a family of nyala including a young fawn, vervet monkeys, zebras and of course impalas. 

And some new birds: guineafowls, crested and natal francolins, red-crested korhaan and an African harrier hawk. 

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