Monday, July 20, 2015

On Safari With The Challenge Group From 16 July 2015

16 July 2015

As we left camp on a Pm drive we came across a small herd of elephants. After this and towards the return to camp we found a African buffalo crossing over the road and guests could get great photos of this beautiful beast. Furthermore to this, 1 of my clients called out as a leopard was spotted in the thick grass next to our car. It was great to see this female walking along and could hear how she was calling her cubs. Not the best photo opportunity but great to see the elusive cat.

17 July 2015

This morning we headed down the Napi towards skukuza and apart from the general animals seen we found a lioness with 2 Cubs lying on rocks enjoying the morning sun.

Fantastic elephant Bulls along side the road with great facial photographs taken we moved on. Our day didn't provide any more cat sightings but it was great to spend time with general game as the afternoon drew to a close.

18 July 2015

This morning we knew we were in for a bumper as the first animal spotted was a herd of buffalo (200 strong).

On our way down towards breakfast we came across a herd of elephants with young ones crossing over the road. Further down the road we were in luck with the 3rd sighting with a youngster. This was the white rhino and her calf app 10m from our car.

We then heard, the lions had come out on the rocks and all 3 Cubs were playing out in the open.

We responded and found them.

Just before breakfast, we got word of a leopard down the road and responded. Both Rob and I found it lying on the top of a termite mound and guests were happy to have Big 5 before breakfast. This changed on our return cause not very far from our original leopard Rob, found a further one but this time we were in luck as it was a female with a young cub. This meant all big 5 were seen this morning with a young one with them.

Most other general animals were spotted thought the safari and many different bird species.

19 July 2015

The safari drew to a close with 16 happy clients with what they had seen and all looking forward to their return next year.

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