Thursday, June 4, 2015

On safari With Karen 3 June 2015

3 June 2015

Early this morning we were surprised by a drop of rain (wtf, it is JUNE, we should not have rain from end of April till end of October!). But it didn't diminish our spirits. In the morning we saw a small family of elephants huddled around a recent pushed over tree (done by one of the adults?) so the whole family could eat the nice leaves. A little baby kept hanging around Mum's legs for safety.

But we topped this in the afternoon by seeing a herd of 40 - 50 elephants! We lost count halfway through the herd crossing as there was too much going on. A sub adult chased a car that had no patience to wait for the elephants to cross and wanted to get through (and did so but now rather in a hurry). An adult was throwing sand over her back to protect her from the sun. And a young bull was looking for a fight with a younger elephant. But after this young one shied away, he picked a fight with another youngster. However, one of the adults had enough of his attitude and told him off for picking fights!! Loudly and persistently as she chased him for 100m with some others in her tow.

A second highlight was our giraffe sighting as it was a group of 14 of them!

Everywhere we looked there were giraffes! In the beginning they were spread out, but they started huddling together a bit so we got plenty of them in one photo shot.

They were lounging around and then as if on a walkabout they all crossed the road in a nice line. And lucky us, this happened right in front of us!

Other interesting sightings: two warthogs sleeping, waterbucks, common grey duiker, buffalos, impalas, zebras, two separate lion sightings (one male sleeping in the distance and one female coming up really close to the vehicle and within minutes she had disappeared completely), vervet monkeys, slender mongoose, kudus, a hyena came running down the road but took a wide birth around us through the bush, hippos sunning out of the water, a crocodile and white rhinos.

Birds we saw included a goliath heron, a fish eagle, a cloud of flying marabou storks, brown snake eagle, grey louries, magpie shrikes, an african hoopoe, southern ground hornbills, sub adult hawk eagle, bateleurs and a brown hooded kingfisher.

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