Friday, May 29, 2015

On Safari With Robbie 28 May 2015

28 May 2015

Today was one of those epic days where you would rather need a couple of hours around a campfire to discuss!!!

For starters we saw the big 5 again! We witnessed Elephant mating in water and subsequently the male being severely rejected by the nearby herd matriarch!!

However the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the young female Leopard killing a huge Porcupine very close to us!!!

A sighting Iv only witnessed once before in Kruger! The large rodent was not surrendering initially and the inexperienced hunter received many potentially fatal sharp quills to the mouth and nose!!!

It seemed like through the process the Leopard issued a fatal blow and disappeared with its still prey into thick bush!!!!

General game seen was: Nyala, Bushbuck, kudu, Impala, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Warthog, Grey Duiker, Zebra, Giraffe!

We welcome Letasha to our team as well!!!!

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