Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On Safari With Karen 26 May 2015

26 May 2015

Another day of game drives gave us an excellent, and greatly appreciated, sighting of a white rhino. But our surprise sighting today were two lionesses walking in front of the car for quite some time.

We were told about it by a member of the public and upon arrival at the scene one lioness was lying on the side of the road in the shade while the other was standing in the road. Soon they both started walking again. After seeing their hindquarters for a while we managed to pass them for some amazing side view pictures and some frontal shots, while the lionesses were walking towards us and past us again. When passing us they were so close that if we put out a hand we could have patted them on the head! After repeating this twice, the lionesses seemed undeterred and kept on walking their route and we left them to it.

At the end of our morning we watched a bachelor group of impalas having a go at each other. Testosterone levels running high, it seemed like there were a couple of them trying to fight with everyone else. Some took the bait and fought back while others took a run for it and they got chased around the open area. It was like watching a game of tag with lots of grunting and growling noises! But the running and jumping impalas and the fights were quite a show :-).

Other interesting sightings: crocodile, hippo, southern ground hornbills, lots of elephants, small buffalo herd, zebras photo bombing our rhino sighting, giraffes (from the front this time and in the afternoon the same old bloke as yesterday walking in front of us at a leisurely pace) and more zebras photo bombing one of our morning giraffe sightings, two spoonbills, warthogs running away, a solo vervet monkey, kudus, bushbuck, tree squirrels, a reedbuck, a grey duiker and klipsringer

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