Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On Safari With Curtis 2 - 3 May 2015

2 May 2015

A new tour and after entering through Numbi we started our first game drive. The drive started off fairly quietly but by the end things had picked up.

Our highlight of this drive was right at the end when, as the sun came down, we found a big bull elephant walking down the road in front of us. We followed him for a while before he moved to the side allowing us to sneak past him.

We also saw zebra, impala, kudu, klipspringers, hippo, waterbuck and cape buffalo.

 3 May 2015

This morning turned out to be a fairly chilly start with quite a bit of cloud cover which the sun was struggling to peer through.

We got our first highlight early on as we found the same elephant from yesterday by the side of the road. However a different experience as we were seeing him in the daylight.

Our second highlight was hyena, approaching a well known den it was no surprise to find a hyena pop out of the tall grass on to the road in front. But it was not alone as one after another followed. In total seven appeared crossed the road and disappeared.

Also seen today zebra, buffalo, waterbuck, kudu, impala, giraffe, bushbuck, vervets, baboons, dwarf mongoose, hippo, lion and lots more elephants.

Birds included yellow-billed hornbills, southern ground hornbills, brown snake eagle, cape glossy starlings, grey heron and more.

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