Monday, April 20, 2015

On Safari With Robbie 18 April 2015

18 April 2015

Our safari started in pouring rain on route to Kruger but our 2 enthusiastic guests still left in torrential rain on the sunset drive where they saw good Buffalo and Elephant sightings!

Todays highlights came in the form of 2 sightings!

The first being where we were following a spotted Hyena down the road and suddenly it came across a Leopard sleeping on some very low granite outcrops which we couldn’t originally see!

The leopard woke up angrily and gave the Hyena the fright of its life!!!

At about 11 am the next great sighting occurred where we picked up a male Cheetah totally relaxed and walking down the road!

This is the male who performs and perform he did with all his scent marking right next to our vehicle!!!! Two thrilling sightings indeed considering it was cold , rainy and windy all morning!

Other sightings were mating Lions , a huge Buffalo herd crossing the road as well as a large herd of Elephant real close to us making up the big 5 for the morning!!!

General game included Giraffe, Kudu, Impala, slender mongoose as well as Dwarf mongoose ,Waterbuck and grey duiker!

This afternoons drive awaits!

Afternoon Safari:

This afternoons safari we were joined by Katey , Amanda and Mark who strengthened an already strong team

There were two highlights and they were basically the only 2 sightings of the afternoon!

At approx. 16:00pm we came across 5 W.Rhino and 1 very young calf! They were in supreme condition and approached us grazing slowly!

Further down the road at approx 16:45pm we came across 12 Wild dogs on the road! They proceeded to undertake 2 attempted kills on W.Rhino and Zebra respectively without any success!

We followed them once returning back to the road for 4,6 km allowing for fantastic photographic opportunities!!!

This sighting brought the magnificent 7 to Chad and Amy who were beyond excited!!!!

It was all we had time to see as we headed back to camp very grateful for all these magnificent creatures of Kruger!

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