Tuesday, April 28, 2015

On Safari With Karen 27 April 2015

27 April 2015

As we drove towards the KNP for a new safari it was a race against the rain clouds.

They started behind us but came dangerously close. Eventually they caught us but as we had just arrived at the gate of the park, we got about ten minutes of light rain and then it had blown over. However we didn't let it bother us, as we had arrived in The Kruger! And it gave us some nice pictures if the purple colours in the sky as well as some massive lightning show! Our highlight of our short afternoon drive was the time spend at Shitlhave Dam. Here we saw plenty of waterbucks to start with, including a female in heat that kept on having to fight off the males who were about to mount her. Secondly a hippo was bobbing up and down inside the dam. A buffalo was snoozing on the other side and we also saw woolly-necked storks, Egyptian geese, a grey heron and a herd of impalas as we were leaving the dam.

On the road we had also seen vervet monkeys and another herd of impalas where the male was doing his best to impress the females in his herd. We came across a few cars standing still and we were told a leopard had just crossed but now they couldn't see it anymore. We parked at an open spot between the high grasses up the road and waited with baited breath. Maybe we were in luck and she would pop out right there... But after scouting around and staring in full anticipation we still hadn't seen her. We suspected she had taken a different route than we were hoping for and decided to go towards Nkambeni Safari Camp, our lodge for tonight.

Now after dinner it is dark but stars are visible so it is clearing up. While the southern white-faced owl is singing in a tree nearby and the hyenas are calling out we say goodnight and we look forward to another day!

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