Wednesday, April 22, 2015

On Safari With Karen 21 April 2015

21 April 2015

Today we started a new safari and upon arrival at Numbi Gate we went straight on a game drive. It took a while of driving around before we spotted our first animals.

Our first sighting was a great one as it was a troop of vervet monkeys. There was a little baby that was apparently sooooo tired of whatever it did today it was stretched out on the side of the road having a nap. No, it wasn't dead, and we know for certain as it rolled over once or twice. The rest of the troop was either feeding or jumping from tree to tree. Another baby was learning how to climb the tree and fell out a couple of times but kept on trying. Once the troop had passed us by, the napping baby got up and quickly followed the rest. And it was our cue to continue too.

Another great sighting was at Shitlhave Dam. A group of waterbucks was hanging out at the edge, and two males decided it was time to figure out the who was strongest. They had a big fight with lots of horn clashing and pushing and shoving and even kicking up some dust. After about 10 minutes the younger one with shorter horns gave up and took a run for it. Maybe he'll have better luck next time.

Other animals seen: hippo, a crocodile sunning himself, 2 white rhinos, elephants, kudus, baboons (which had a group alarm call when two hawk eagles flew over), giraffe, black-bellied bustard, impalas and a common grey duiker.

After dinner we found two bush babies up in a tree nearby too.

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