Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On Safari With Curtis From 2 April 2015

2 April 2015

 Todays highlight was both elephant sightings, the first a family group scattered all around us on the left and right and we just sat and watched for twenty minutes as the group fed around us.

The second sighting was of a family group again but this time drinking. But not down at the river or at a dam but from a concrete water tower. That's all very well for the biggest elephants but it was not fun for those teenagers who were not quite big enough to get their trunks over the side. And it definitely was not fun for the little youngsters who despite their efforts couldn't reach. Even standing on two legs with the front two against the side of the tower this youngster still had a fair way to grow.

Also other animals seen were rhino, lions, leopard, giraffe, kudu, waterbuck, zebra, impala, steenbok, vervets, dwarf mongoose and slender mongoose, hippo and a crocodile.

Birds seen include rollers, hornbills, wooly necked storks, African jacanas, African fish eagle, bataleurs, saddle billed stork, cape-glossy starling and many more.

3 April 2015

This morning we set out with much nicer skies and renewed hope of more great sightings. We did indeed see plenty of game with sightings of new species for this tour such as cape buffalo, hyena, bushbuck and baboons.

The highlight of the day was, however, two male rhino we found grazing at the side.

The grass was relatively short at the sighting so the guests could appreciate just how big these animals are. The two were not perturbed in the slightest by all the attention they were getting and got within a couple of meters of the vehicle before turning and moving off.

Other animals seen include impala, zebra, kudu, waterbuck, warthog, elephant and giraffe.

Birds seen included tawny eagle, African fish eagle, pied kingfisher, hamerkops, reed cormorants, grey go-away bird, yellow-billed hornbills, white backed vulture and plenty of bataleurs.

4 April 2015

This morning was the last of this tour and we set out in the hope of a few final great sightings.

We managed just that as we paid a visit to a nearby dam where we found a bull elephant fully immersed in the water having a swim, much to the annoyance of the resident hippo. We also had two African fish eagles fly by and herds of waterbuck and zebra come down to the waters edge.

Our second highlight was finding a new species for this tour. We were blessed with not one but two separate sighting of sable antelope. We don't often see this majestic animal and we were spoilt with two great sightings.

Other animals seen were rhino, klipspringer, impala, kudu, warthog, giraffe, crocodile and birds such as the red billed hornbills,  white breasted cormorants, brown snake eagle and so many more.

Then it was time to say goodbye to the guests Stephanie, Tom and Graham who fly back home.

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