Wednesday, March 4, 2015

On Safari With Karen 3 March 2015

3 March 2015
This morning we started early once again and it was a lot colder than the previous days. However, this time it was dry. We are guessing the animals had to get used to the weather change too, as it took us more than an hour to see our first animal of today: a klipspringer. We were happy with him bouncing around on the rocks. And even more so when his wife wasn't far away. They gave us a nice show why klipspringers are king and queen of the rocks.
Our second highlight was our last sighting of this tour: a herd of elephants. Not because it was the last sighting, that's always a sad moment. But because this herd had two tiny babies that were smaller than the grass was tall. Both were well protected by their mums, but as we were well placed and higher than a normal vehicle, we could see them trying to use their trunks on the grass stalks. Not very successfully I might add, but it was great watching this herd feeding along and eventually crossing the road in front of us.
Other interesting sightings: waterbucks, a hippo bobbing up and down in Shithave Dam and scaring the waterbucks when showing off his teeth, impalas, kudus, guineafowls and a dung beetle rolling a small dung ball.

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