Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On Safari With Karen: 8 February 2015

8 February 2015

This morning the guests went on a bushwalk and even though it rained during their walk, it was thoroughly enjoyed. Amongst all other stuff they encountered a group of daggaboys. They actually stumbled upon them and were so close they had to back up. However, the buffalos seemed interested they kept following them when they retreated so in the end they decided on leaving them entirely, but the back-up walked behind them looking over his shoulder a couple of times just in case.

In the afternoon it had cleared up. We went on a short game drive and just at the end we were surprised by two white rhinos calmly walking in the middle of the road. We followed them at their pace a short distance away until they stopped to graze. We pulled up alongside them, and they didn't mind us at all. We stayed with them until one of them got restless and we gave them back their peace and quiet.

Other interesting sightings: waterbuck, lilac-breasted rollers, white-fronted bee eater, sleeping lion, grass snake, plenty elephants, woodlands kingfisher, baboons (still known as bunny-killers, we can't seem to get by that), brown snake eagle, red-billed hornbill, hippos, impalas and zebras.

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