Thursday, February 19, 2015

On Safari With Karen 16 February 2015

16 February 2015

On the sundowner the guests had a good drive. They saw zebras, wildebeest, hyenas, lions, a white rhino hiding in the bush and more giraffes

Today we set off for a full day game drive. Our first highlight was when we encountered a leopard. He was leisurely crossing the road about 50m in front of us and then kept on walking along side us for about 2km! He was in the bushes so we lost visual once in a while, but we were there just at the right spot at the right time! Seeing the leopard completed the big 5 checklist for the guests and as we had already seen hyenas, cheetahs and wild dogs, we now had the score of a crazy 8!

Our second highlight came in the afternoon when we could spend 30min with a grazing white rhino out in the open and close to the car. So far our white rhino sightings have been quite obscured so this was an amazing view. Since a warthog was feeding next to it we could really appreciate its size and beauty. A wonderful sighting it was.

Other interesting sightings: waterbucks, bateleur, duiker, impalas, kudu bulls, herd of buffalo, slender mongoose, a family of klipspringers, wildebeest, crested francolins, tawny eagle, brown snake eagle, buffalo bull we thought was dead and then suddenly got up (apparently deep asleep in a what looked like a most uncomfortable position), zebras, giraffes (including a couple of males having a very half-hearted fight), a lone vervet monkey and twice hyenas.

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