Monday, February 16, 2015

On Safari With Karen 15 February 2015

15 February 2015

Of all the amazing things we saw, today's highlight was definitely the sighting of a Cape clawless otter. And probably not just of today, but of the entire tour. Or week. Month. Maybe even year! In all my time in the Kruger Park, this was actually the first time I ever saw one. And we did get a good look at him too. He was just foraging around in between rocks and diving through the water with not a care in the world for the people looking at him. Or for that guide that was jumping up and down in her seat with excitement, hehe... grin emoticon

We had a very good morning with excellent sightings so choosing the second highlight is more difficult. Curtis has already described one of them, the excellent lion sighting. We did see a hyena this morning too, and what made the sighting even more memorable was that a little further on he started his territorial call. The whooping sound of a hyena must be the most wonderful sound in the world. And it was loud too, so much so that the giraffe we were looking at now, actually turned its head in the direction of the sound.

Other interesting sightings: three youngish male lions right next to the road, an elephant herd feeding, massive elephant bulls, plenty European rollers, impalas, warthogs, carmine bee eaters, three cheetahs hiding in the high grass, crocodiles, hippos in and semi out of the water, golden orb spiders, many baboons, bushbucks, vervet monkeys, two wild dogs trotting in the middle of the road towards us and pausing briefly right next to us, leopard tortoises, giraffes, buffalos, magpie shrikes, lone white-backed vulture and marabou storks.

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