Monday, February 9, 2015

On Safari With Curtis: 8 February 2015

8 February 2015

We woke, on this our final day, to dark rain filled clouds which were releasing plenty of rain as we left camp. This, unfortunately did affect the sightings early on but we were spoilt with one particular sighting.

As we drove past the entry of a dirt road we found two large black manned lions walking towards us. We watched as they walked off the dirt road onto the tar and continued to walk along the road. We turned and followed them, the two of them were so confident that they allowed us to move along side them as they walked down the road. So close to them were we that we could clearly see the scars and war wounds that these two have encountered over the years.

Occasionally each of them would stop and scrape the ground with their back paws and scent marking the grass along the road. We spent about fifteen minutes with just our vehicle at the sighting before other vehicles started to turn up and this was our cue to let others enjoy this amazing experience.

Our second highlight of the Day was our first rhino of this tour. Not only did this complete the Big 5, more importantly it allowed the guests have a good look at a creature which has become a important symbol of the struggles of fighting poachers nowadays.

Other sights this last day were giraffe and calf, hyena, a herd of buffalo, elephant, and a couple more rhino.

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