Monday, February 9, 2015

On Safari With Curtis: 7 February 2015

7 January 2015

Last nights drive was a great success with plenty of general game as well as civet and genet to add to the list of animals seen.

This morning got off to a flyer as only fifteen minutes we got our highlight of the day.

Four lions laying slap bang in the middle of the road, so relaxed were they that we were able to drive right up next to them. We sat watching them for about fifteen minutes when we heard hyenas calling close by. This immediately made the lions sit up and take note. We watched for a few minutes more before chancing it and trying to find the hyenas. Just a couple of hundred meters from the lions we found four hyena. Three right next to the road and the fourth more shy and hidden in the trees.

After watching for a while we returned to the lions spending another twenty minutes with them all to ourselves.

Our second highlight of the day was a troupe of vervets also relaxing on the road. Being early and still cool the youngsters were having great fun playing and wrestling with each other while the adults were busy feeding.

Other animals of note seen today were elephants, buffalo, 2 leopard sightings, another 2 hyena sightings, Bushbuck, wildebeest, giraffe, plenty of hippo, marsh terrapins and a tiny chameleon crossing the road.

Birds included marabou stork, yellow billed stork, African spoonbill, grey heron and a trio of hornbills including the Yellow-billed, red-billed and the southern ground hornbill.

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