Friday, January 16, 2015

On Safari With Robbie from 12 January 2015

12 January 2015

The first safari of the year began in severe heat , but what a pleasure to be here! The group were on a night safari and saw great buff and Elephant sightings! Today we saw phenomenal 3/5 sightings but no cats! Tomorrow is the day!

13 January 2015

Today waking up to overcast weather we started to pick up far more sightings and even Impala and Kudu reappeared from nowhere! Our very first sighting was 3 Wild dog sub adults from the amalgamated Napi pack attempting a kill on young Impala! We were further thrilled to see 4 white rhino in clear visual on top of some granite outcrops! In-between this we topped 50 birds on our list which was great! Buffalo, Duiker, Steenbok, Giraffe, Zebra and a Puff adder were also seen!

14 January 2015

Today was extreme in many ways! We had an excellent morning but would never have believed what awaited us in the afternoon. We came across a herd of sable antelope close to the road and just before that a herd of 3 majestic kudu bulls. The impala nursery herds also popped out everywhere enjoying the cooler, shadier weather. We came across elephant herds in abundance enjoying newly fresh running water from Biyamiti river. Our bird total suddenly topped 70 without us even knowing. Dung beetles were playing ball, chameleons were crawling across the roads, and leopard tortoises were enjoying the day to.  However it was day 3 and still no cats! A honey badger pair created more excitement and then suddenly two huge male lions sleeping on a rock! JACKPOT!! Then looking through the binoculars we saw what looked like elephant dung on the road, too my amazement it was a male leopard lying on the road! The day was simply phenomenal 6/7 as well as honey badger and sable! Its going to be tough to beat this in one day in 2015!

15 January 2015

The last day was excellent in that we spent time observing general game and had some great Buffalo sightings! Typical to this family it was never over till the fat lady sings and on the way to the gate a rather 'busy' Elephant bull gave us a 40m run for our money! It was a truly memorable first safari of 2015!

More coming soon!!!

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