Thursday, January 22, 2015

On Safari With Curtis: 21 January 2015

21 January 2015 

This morning was the last day of this tour. After a great few days the guests needed a bit of a break so we had a relaxed start. Getting up late, having breakfast and going out for a shorter drive.

Even on a short drive you can have some great sightings and the highlight of this one was finding wild dogs. Following a tip off we headed down to them and found them just a few meters from the road. The dogs were in no mood for anything strenuous as only occasionally did they get up and moved a few feet before popping back down. However seeing such an endangered animal is always something special and my guests really appreciated how lucky they were.

It also completed the super seven for this tour!!!

We also found lots of previously seen general game as well as buffalo, elephant and a previously unseen Spekes hinged tortoise.

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