Monday, January 31, 2011

Kruger Park Safari with Michelle and Justin Leegsma 16 - 22 September 2010

Michelle and Justin safari left from Johannesburg's Life Hotel in Kempton Park, and as they have been on safari with us twice before, they knew the pickup time and the duration of the trip to Nelspruit. We drove through to Nelspruit where we changed over from our transfer vehicle to our open safari vehicle and then carried on with our final stretch to the Numbi Gate of the Kruger National Park. We checked through the gate and made our way down to the camp of Pretoriuskop where we would stay for three nights, before moving to another camp. The first afternoons game drive delivered good sightings of elephant, rhino and buffalo, all members of the big 5, as well as some good sightings of Impala, and Kudu and some baboons. After returning to the camp, a good dinner was enjoyed by all in the camps restaurant.

The next morning, after enjoying tea and coffee, it was out of the camp early to find what we could find. and after a short time out, we got more Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo. When turning onto the H3, a short distance down we came across two cheetah that were walking parallel with the road. Michelle was very happy to see them, as it was something she was looking for over the last two safaris. After this sighting, we decided to make our way to breakfast at the Nkulu picnic spot. On route to breakfast, we came across a good lion sighting with all of them on the road in front of our vehicle. This set us back with our breakfast, but the guests were not worried as they enjoyed the sightings. After breakfast our game drive continued finding many other animals and enjoying many good sightings. Late afternoon, we made our way back to camp for a well deserved rest. A good dinner was enjoyed by all.

The following day saw us leave the camp early again after enjoying tea and coffee. Good sightings were experienced throughout the day. We came back to camp early in order to have some well deserved rest before guests went out on their first of two night drives. Sightings experienced on the night drive was good with lots of owls being seen as well as a good leopard sighting.

The next day, it was pack up time as we were moving on to the camp of Skukuza were we would spend the next two nights. After enjoying tea and coffee, it was off and just down the Napi Road, we came across a pack of wild dogs in the road, guests were very happy to see this, as this was one of the species we did not get to see on both there last safaris. After enjoying this sighting, we continued on seen large numbers of elephant, rhinos and buffalo throughout the day. A good meal in the restaurant was enjoyed by all in the evening.

The next day, we decided to take a northerly route stopping off at the tshokwane picnic spot for breakfast, before continuing on the H10 to the camp of Lower Sabie. Good sightings were experienced on this route with large herds of Zebra ans Wildebeest being found, also some good sightings of very large elephants were found on this road. We stopped off at Lower Sabie so guests could take in the goosd sights of the Sabie River and also get to see some large pods of hippos that are found there. After the break we made our way onto Sunset dam, were there was chance to see more hippos, closer this time as well take in some of the different bird species found in this area. We continued our journey back in the direction of Skukuza, arriving late afternoon in time for a rest for the guests prior to going out on their next game drive that left at 17h00. Good sightings of lion, leopard, hippo, elephant, buffalo and numerous bird species was enjoyed by all.

The next morning it was up early, we packed up the open safari vehicle had some tea and coffee and then it was off in the direction of the Olifants camp. This would be a long day as it was quite a distance from the camp of Skukuza. we enjoyed many great sightings along the way and after a good breakfast at the Tshokwane picnic spot, we drove on in the direction of the camp Satara. we arrived at Satara in time for lunch, and after a well deserved break we made our way further north coming across good sightings of lion, rhino, wildebeest, zebra, impala, waterbuck and hippo. We arrived at the Olifants camp late afternoon and in enough time for the guests to enjoy the sunset from the viewing deck overlooking the Olifants river. 
Guests enjoyed a good dinner in the camp restaurant and then it was off to bed after a long and eventful day. 

The following morning it was again pack up time as this was the day guests were leaving the park on route for Johannesburg. After tea and coffee, it was out of the camp and back onto the road for there last game drive that would take them from the Olifants camp to the camp of Satars and then down to the camp of Skukuza. After a good morning of game viewing and having a good breakfast we made our way to the Numbi Gate and then on to Nelspruit. We changed over from our open safari vehicle back into the Microbus and then started our journey back to Johannesburg, arriving late afternoon at there hotel.

The feedback from the guests was that they had a wonderful time just like the previous two safaris, and that they plan to return back again in the next year or two for another visit to the Kruger National Park.  


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Open Safari Vehicles used on our safaris in the Kruger National Park

                                      Above is a photo of some of our open safari vehicles used on our safaris to the kruger National Park.

Battle in Kruger Video (South Africa)

By this time everybody who is anybody that has access to the web and “Youtube” would no doubt have heard about or the term “Battle in Kruger”, well below is the word for word account of the action by the guide “Frank” who had the guests aboard his open safari vehicle on the afternoon that the video was taken of this encounter.

We as a company consider ourselves very lucky to know Frank and have him as a good friend and collegue who we work with very closely while on our safaris to the Kruger National Park.

Battle In Kruger Video 
'It was during an afternoon drive when one of my colleagues called over the radio reporting the presence of lions at a place called Transport Dam between Pretoriuskop and Skukuza.  Safari vehicles had been visiting the scene for a short stop and had left. On my arrival I found 7 lions lying on the dam wall watching a herd of buffalo drinking at the dam.
The lions were all quite young except for an adult female and I did not believe they would take on the buffalo who in any event were too far from them to approach effectively.  I decided to stay on the sighting a while, for my clients to view the buffalo at leisure, whilst they drank at the river and they then began to move away.

The adult lion female at this stage had moved off the dam wall and was lying out of sight behind a rock near where we were parked.  The buffalo started moving slowly away from the water and the young lions were lying watching them.  For some inexplicable reason the herd of buffalo led by an adult followed by another adult, followed by a calf and then the rest of the herd, started to walk onto the narrow dam wall, directly to where the young lions were lying.  The lions had no cover and I was then intrigued by the developing situation.
One of the guests asked me what I thought would happen and based on past experience I told them the lions would run away.  I had no sooner expressed this opinion than one of the lions did in fact turn and slink off out of sight.  The buffalo kept walking in single file towards the lions apparently unaware of them and the lions moved closer to one another and crouched down in a threatening posture.
When the lead buffalo was about 15-20 metres from the lions, it suddenly stopped and started tossing his head about.  At that stage everything happened so fast that I cannot recall whether the buffalo turned and started to run away or if the lioness charged and they then ran.  In any event the lions all charged the fleeing buffalo.
They ran past the two adults and jumped on the calf who fell into the dam with the lions still attached to it.  The rest of the lions were all busy attacking the buffalo calf in the water while the rest of the herd ran away.  Suddenly a huge crocodile grabbed hold of the buffalo calf and a tug-of-war ensued between the lions and the crocodile.  The lions were victorious dragging the buffalo calf out of the water and up the bank with the crocodile hanging on its' leg before it finally relinquished its' grip.
By now the herd had regrouped, turned and amidst a cloud of dust they charged the lions who were busy mauling the poor calf lying on the ground.  The lioness tried to stand her ground but was tossed into the air by one of the buffalo.  The other lions lost their nerve and fled with the aggressive buffalo behind them.  As if this wasn't enough the calf stood up and was enveloped by the herd who moved off.  UNBELIEVABLE!!'


Wildlife in Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Kruger Park Safari George and Olga 2 - 5 September 2010

Clients were picked up in Johannesburg and transferred to Nelspruit. Upon arrival in Nelspruit, guests changed into there open safari vehicle for the transfer to the Kruger National Park.

Upon arrival at the park, we entered the Numbi Gate and made our way to the camp of Pretoriuskop were guests were chance to have some lunch and a rest, departing on  there first afternoon game drive. The game drive was enjoyed by guests with numerous sightings of animals being seen. Upon returning to the camp, guests enjoyed a good meal before retiring to there rondavel for the night.

Day 2 and 3 guests left the camp early after enjoying tea and coffee. We made our way down to the camp of Skukuza and then onto Nkulu picnic spot for breakfast. En route there were numerous sightings of lion, elephant, rhino and buffalo. After breakfast, we decided to take a drive along the river to the camp of Lower Sabie, stopping of at Sunset dam to watch the hippos and crocodiles. It was also good to take in some of the bird species found around the edge of the dam. It was then time to start making our way back to the camp, in order for guests to enjoy there night drive aboard a "South African National Parks Open Vehicle". Guests left the camp at 17h00 and returned back at 20h30, after which they enjoyed a well deserved dinner in the restaurant. After dinner, guests opted to go to bed in order to get some well deserved sleep, before leaving again early in the morning.

The following morning, it was up early again, and after enjoying tea and coffee, it was back on the road to find some elusive animals. After a three and a half hour game drive, we decided to return to camp for breakfast and to prepare for our teip back to Nelspruit and then on to Johannesburg. We left the park at 11h00 en route for Johannesburg and to drop the guests at the airport.

Guests had a good time while on safari with us, and have expressed intentions of reurning for a longer visit next time.

Kruger Park Safari Davidson Group 17 - 21 August 2010

Mark from Nhongo Safaris picked up this group from the Eastgate Airport in Hoedspruit and after a short trip to the Orpen Gate of the Kruger National Park, they entered the park and made there way up to the camp of Letaba. After a good game drive with a stop off in the camp of Satara the group were happy to arrive at there camp which would be home for two nights. A good meal was enjoyed by all and the it was off to bed.
The following day, it was up early, and after enjoying tea and coffee it was off to find some good animals and get some good photos. The day was spent looking for and finding numerous sightings of good animals.

Day 3 saw the group packing up and moving out of the Letaba camp en route to the camp of Satara for two nights. The day was also spent exploring the area around Satara and visiting some of the waterholes in the area. Good sightings were experienced and some good photos taken.

The following day it was out early and onto the road to find as many of the inhabitants of the park as possible, as the day was cut short due to the group going out on a night safari and had to be back in camp earlier than normal. All in all the day was good and many good sightings experienced.

Day 5 saw the group packing up early and moving out on there final game drive before breakfast, and after enjoying a good meal the group started making there way to the Orpen Gate of the Kruger National Park. The group exited the park, and made there way back to the Eastgate Airport, were they were dropped off in order to get there transfer to one of the private game lodges that they had booked.

Guest feedback was that they had a good time, saw loads of animals and got some wonderful photos while on safari with us.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kruger Park Safari with David Mc Donald and 16 team members 10 - 13th August 2010

We picked up David and the team in Johannesburg and transferred them to the Kruger National Park, we were staying at the camp of Pretoriuskop, and as the group was more than 10 people, i had Mark move two of our open safari vehicles to the camp prior to us arriving. Upon arrival in the camp, we went through the check inn procedures and got everybody into there bungalows, before giving them chance for lunch and some relaxation before leaving on an afternoon game drive. We left the camp at 15h30 and had good sightings of animals that afternoon. Upon returning to the camp, verity, Mark and myself got down to making the group there dinner. As this was a church group and wanting to keep prices as low as possible, we give the option of Nhongo Safaris doing the catering for them.

Days 2 and 3 were good days with regards to sightings, as many good sightings were experienced by all. Many photos were taken and a lot of cooking and preparing of meals was done as well.

Day 4 Saw us leaving early on a morning game drive, some of the group decided to stay in camp and have a rest as we were going to drop the group off at Johannesburg International Airport for there flight home to Australia. On the drive many good sightings were encountered, and after breakfast, everything was packed up, trailers hitched and we were off on the road to Johannesburg. We arrived at Johannesburg International Airport at about 16h00 in time for everybody to check inn and be ready for there flight back to Australia.

Everybody on the safari said that they enjoyed themselves immensely and want to come back on a longer safari next time.

Thanks David for bringing the group on safari, and we look forward to seeing you next year when you return on another missions trip.


Kruger Park Safari with Lauren and Phillip 2 - 4th August 2010

Lauren and Phillip were picked up at the Ghandi Backpackers in Kensington Johannesburg and transferred to the Kruger National Park. After changing over to our open safari vehicle, we made our way to the park entering at the Numbi Gate. We made our way down to the camp of Pretoriuskop, were we checked inn and had a break in order for guests to have some lunch before leaving the camp on our first game drive. The afternoon was spent aboard our open vehicles, enjoying numerous sightings. Upon returning to the camp, guests enjoyed a good dinner, and then it was off to bed in order to get a good nights sleep.

Next morning it was up bright and early, and after enjoying tea and coffee, it was off to see what we could find. The day was spen out in the park enjoying numerous sightings of animals along the way. We returned to the camp of Pretoriuskop early in the afternoon, in order for Lauren and Phillip to leave on there sunset drive with the parks board. They returned to the camp at about 20h00 after having a good drive and seen numerous amounts of animals and some of the noctunal wildlife that we have.

The following morning, it was out early again after tea and coffee on there final game drive before breakfast and our trip back to Johannesburg. On the final game drive, good sightings were experienced. We left the park at about 12h00 and started our journey back to Johannesburg, arriving at about 16h00.

All in all, guests had a good time and enjoyed themselves. They have expressed that they will be returning and want to visit the park for longer next time.

Kruger Park Safari with Mr and Mrs Bloemsma 26th - 31 July 2010

Guests were picked up in Johannesburg and transferred to the Kruger National Park via Nelspruit. After entering the park through the Numbi Gate, we made our way to the camp of Pretoriuskop in order to check in and have a lunch break, before going out on the guests first game drive. The afternoon game drive was good, with many animals seen and good sightings experienced. Guests enjoyed a good dinner in the restaurant before departing to the rondavels for a good nights sleep.
The following days on safari, guests enjoyed good sightings of lion, buffalo, elephant and rhino.
All in all guests had a good time aboard our open safari vehicles and saw a lot of animals. After the safari, guests were transferred to the Panzi Bush Camp near to the town of Hoedspruit.